Saturday, June 2, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

Are you sick of hearing me talk about the dance recital yet??  Hang in there...just a couple more weeks and it will be a thing of the past :(  I have to say that I have surprised myself.  I didn't really know if I would enjoy the "girl sports" because I enjoy the boys so much...but I do!!

I sat in on rehearsal this morning to take some pics and I am so glad I did.  I can't look at them without cracking up.  Let me explain...Our teacher, Ms. Becca, emailed us videos of both the tap and ballet numbers to practice during the week.  You might (or might not) know that I'm pretty competive, and I took her seriously.  The girls have loved practicing their numbers all week long and have gotten very good at them!  One side effect of seeing the dances so many times is that Gracie has learned not only the dance, but the song.  She has always sung the song while they dance, but today she belted out most of was hysterical!  Honestly, she is the life of that party and doesn't even know it.  Thankfully, they put her on the back row because she's such a wild card, she might have everyone running circles up there before it's over :)

You can see her teacher getting a good laugh at her. (For the two knew that dance better than anyone in there :) lol...  (btw...Gracie tore that hole in her tights on the way to dance!  argh!!!)
  May 2012-6814May 2012-6825

 This is their solo during the daddy dance. The song is a mixture of Indiana Jones and Walk Like an Egyptian. She is supposed to be "walking like an Egyptian" here, but Gracie "gallops like an Egyptian"! She completely passes up the little girl in front of her, but gets right back to the right place as she gallops back the other way. Notice all the older girls behind her...every one of them is cracking up at her as she gallops back to her spot!
  May 2012-6853

 I have to give a shout out to my awesome hubby and my sweet daddy. They have been practicing twice a week for a couple of months and I have never heard them complain once! What sweet memories they are making with my precious girls. I am truly blessed.
May 2012-6841

May 2012-6862

May 2012-6869

May 2012-6900 May 2012-6895 May 2012-6924 May 2012-6883

As you might have guessed, Wesleigh is my total "rule follower".  She stands on her spot and does her dance, exactly like Ms. Becca has told her to.  She doesn't let Gracie phase her one bit :)

May 2012-6911
May 2012-6903

May 2012-6834

May 2012-6893

May 2012-6852 May 2012-6832


Cathy said...

GREAT photos! I would love to see that recital, I know you can not wait! Have a wonderful time!

Cathy and Naomi

Keisha said...

I can't wait for more pics!! They are so cute Jennifer!

Paige said...

oh my goodness Gracie makes me laugh!!!! What a ham! And oh boy do I love a rule follower!!!! Every Mom deserves at least one!

Kim said...

OMW... the girls are total opposites....
I can't wait to see the recital...
Love the last photo..
Happy Sunday...

3 Peanuts said...

SO adorable!!! I cannot wait to see the final dance:)

Allie said...

gracie just cracks me up! she is one funny wild little girl! and miss wesleigh is one sweet little cutie, that last picture of her makes me cringe. how does she do that? haha :D she and gracie should both be in gymnastics! haha. can't wait until recital time! your dad and hubby there look like they are quite serious about this dance. ahaha :)

Ani said...

These pics are too funny!!!! Can't wait for the recital review :)

Shannon said...

So funny!! Gracie just cracks me up. And Wesleigh just melts my heart...even more now that I know she's a rule follower. So sweet!!

You MUST video their dances at the recital and post them on your blog. Pictures just won't be enough for this event!

Lindy D. said...

Wesleigh looks like she loves ever minute of dance class. I can't help but think back on how unsteady she was when you first met her. Such wonderful progress!

Sharon Ankerich said...

LOVE this~ what joy showing from each of them. Great photos!!!


Love the pictures. Hannah seems to be a lot like Gracie. She used to rip holes in all of her tights. I didn't get it and had to put an end to that.

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