Monday, June 11, 2012


I have literally been thinking about a blog post I wanted to write about feeling like I was coming out of a fog that has been in my head since China.  However...I can't even find enough time to write the dang post!  I am swamped!  I don't know if I've been this busy since I was packing for China.  The good news is the girls are enjoying VBS this week!  This is giving me a little time each morning to take care of some things without the two of them under my feet.  I don't even have a picture to share that's not still in my camera!!!

Just a few more days until the dance revue!!!
I'll be back with everything we've been up to soon!!


snekcip said...

Whew glad your just SWAMPED and not IN A SWAMP!! (You know your ARE in LOUISIANA!! :)

Enjoy your DOWNTIME! We'll be here!

quilt'n-mama said...

hey friend, I understand and I'm there with you... I feel like my list is so long right now I'll be 80 before I get everything on it done!

Enjoy your quiet moments this week!

3 Peanuts said...

I get it girl. We are SWAMPED here too. Between swim team, drivers ed, lifeguard training, camps etc...I am constantly driving or picking up someone. I must admit though that I am a happy swamped right now rather than a stressed swamped like I was a few weeks ago:)

Can't wait to see the big dance!!!

Jeannie said...

You girls enjoy these busy times!!! :) Although I enjoy my grandchildren soooo much,one of them adopted from China, I miss my little ones running around this house....sigh

Sharon Ankerich said...

Enjoy the busy and your summer~ blessings and love! XO

Paige said...

Oh my goodness, I was just thinking this morning that I feel like I am dazed most of the time. I can't even give a good answer or even pay attention to anything!!!
You're scaring me that I will still be like this for a while!!:) Do you think it is 2 so close in age that they gang up on you???? Mine sure do!!! I've even done 3 very close in age before and don't remember feeling like this!!
The other day I put Janie on her bed and pulled my back. I was complaining about the pain as Hank was walking out the door and all he said was "50". I said "50 what" His answer was "you". Made me laugh out loud!!!! Hey I'm not 50 until next March and I will not be that a day sooner than I have to!HA
Oh yeah and I am going to call you next week to get advice on Cincy. We go July18-28, so ready!!!

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