Monday, June 25, 2012

We're Back!!

I didn't share before we left, but we just got back from Kanakuk's family camp!  Last Saturday was the girls' revue and Braden was playing in his baseball State tournament.  As soon as his team lost Sunday, we hit the road for Missouri!  We were 2 days late getting there, but that's as good as we could do.

What a great vacation!  We went because we wanted to spend time with a family that we became friends with in China on our first trip, and also got to meet Lori and her precious family!!  I have been following Lori's blog since she traveled to pick up sweet Rachel (who waits now for a heart transplant).  Lori has made me sob more than any other blogger.  Her heart is as big as they come and getting to know her was a special treat!

I am still going through all the vacation pics, but here are a few:

Lori, Stacy, and I. These Hope shirts are available here to help support sweet Rachel! You can also read Rachel's story there.
June 2012-7655cwf

Our expanded families. Since the original trip to bring home Isabella and Wesleigh, 3 more children have come home from China between the two of us! June 2012-7644cwf

Stacy, Isabella, Wesleigh and I in China, 2009

 Isabella and Wesleigh today! What a difference 2 years and lots of love makes!!!
June 2012-7650cwf 

 Add the McCary crew:
June 2012-7664cwf 

 That's alot of sweet Chinese children! 7 girls and 1 boy!!

 Sweet Rachel:
June 2012-7597cwf crop 

 The McCary's brought Rachel home not knowing if she would be operable or not. She has had major heart surgery, but the doctors say she needs a brand new heart. This family is waiting for the call that tells them their daughter will get a second chance at life. Rachel was so sweet. She is very matter-of-fact about the fact that she's waiting for a new heart. I am so humbled by her spirit and zest for life!


Serving the King said...

LOVE!!! Wish I were there!!!!

Teri said...

Praying for Rachel's heart. What a beautiful little girl and what an amazing reunion!

Suzy & Bill said...

What an awesome family vacation! My niece & nephew have gone to Kanakuk for years. This summer
my niece is a counselor. Maybe one day we'll make that trip!

Ruthie said...

We just got back from K-1 which is 2 camps down! We love Kanakuk! Looks like a fun reunion! Have a great week!

Lindy D. said...

Beautiful picture of Wesleigh with her arm around Isabella!

Stacy said...

Oh! So fun to see the pictures!
What an awesome week to be together again. I had never seen the picture of us and the girls before. How fun to see the before and after.
Can't wait for next year!
Love you!!

quilt'n-mama said...

Looks like you had an awesome time, what a blessing for all your families to be together! We have good friends that always serve a couple of weeks a summer there as the camp doctor and nurse:) They love it, we have always said we should go sometime.

It's been crazy busy around here too and I have been such a bad blogger. The girls were adorable at their revue it looks like! And tons of fun I'm sure. We finished gymnastics season and both girls are working towards moving up a level and practicing hard this summer. Then adding in 4 on ball teams, summer piano and getting ready for the fair, Clara's trips to Children's in Denver... life is busy but good:)

Jennifer said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun reconnecting with your friends! So glad y'all got to do that!

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