Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

I just can't even believe this week is already over! It's amazing how fast time flies sometimes! The past couple of weeks have been good. The girls seem to be settling in a bit and everything doesn't seem to be such a struggle. Gracie has been home for 8 weeks today! Wesleigh doesn't seem to be fighting me quite as much, and I seem to have found some of my sanity again :) Even though our adjustment has been "easy" compared to what some's still hard work...and still a big adjustment for everyone. I took the girls to snap a few pics a few mornings ago. We are finally having a little bit of cool weather, so we can wear some of our fall clothes :) Oct 2011 (2 of 9)timeless_pollyanna Oct 2011 (1 of 9)4x6timeless

Playing "ring around the rosie".
Oct 2011 (4 of 9)timeless Oct 2011 (3 of 9)timeless

Shadow fun.  Can you tell who is who?  It is funny to me how obvious it is.  They are so very different!
Oct 2011 (5 of 9)colorpop Oct 2011 (6 of 9) Oct 2011 (7 of 9) Oct 2011 (8 of 9) Oct 2011 (9 of 9)

And my very favorite of the day:
Oct 2011 (1 of 1)teatime-lume

Have a great weekend!  We have another weekend full of football.  Can't wait to see my Cade man play tomorrow!!


Football and Fried Rice said...

I like the shadows: chunky monkey and tiny hiney :)

So glad to hear you are settling in to your new normal - not easy, ever - but so worth it! Look at those sisters together!! It really is amazing to watch Gracie grow and Wesleigh be stretched! She is doing a great job, it sounds like!

Amy said...

Cute pictures! Good to hear things are settling in. I need to know where you got Gracies little dress????

Sharon Ankerich said...

Adorable and I love the one you love too~ enjoy your weekend and relax! XO

3 Peanuts said...

I can totally tell who is who in the shadows:) LOVE the sweet baby vintage. Kate has a dress very similar to Gracie's that I bought in Seaside:)

Paige said...

they are precious together! Lovin the Swanky Baby outfits:). I LOVE Gracie's bangs grown out, did not think she could possibly be any prettier but she is!

Glad to hear you are settling into somewhat of a routine now. I can't wrap my head around another toddler around here yet, but oh so very excited! Still waiting on LOA day 46, not that I'm counting though:)!
Hoping to travel by Feb but not getting too attached to the idea:)

Martha C. Ryan said...

Two BEAUTIFUL girlies...and precious outfits (as usual)!! Love the pics!

Shannon said...

Oh I've been missing those cuties this week. Been checking your blog all week for a new post. Your blog and seeing those two together really is the highlight of my day. :)

Love all of these pics! It is just the sweetest thing to see them together, playing and walking hand-in-hand.

Have a great weekend!

Kristi said...

love, love, love the pics! Really makes me want to get my little home asap so I can have some sista lovin'

redmaryjanes said...

Darling shoot! Sophia has he same teal and brown dress. Perfect for Fall!

Jennifer said...

I can not believe it's been 8 weeks!! I feel like y'all were just there. I'm sure it feels like she's been with y'all forever. They look like the best of them! I know you're busy, but call me next week when you get a free second. Maybe you can help calm me down, since our wait seems to get more and more drawn out!:)

I heart the last picture!

The 5 Bickies said...

Your favorite is my favorite too...very sweet sister photo! I can see it enlarged and hanging in their room :)

TanyaLea said...

So pretty ~ and I love the finish on that first photo? Did you use Florabella actions on that ~ if so, which ones?

Beautiful photos of your precious girlies, as always!

DiJo said...

LOVE every single one of your sisters!!!!! Having a front row seat, I think they are doing AMAZING!!!!!

That last pic screams... We have made it!!!


Amber Leggio said...

Great pics of your girls. i can't wait to get some pics with the boys and Mia. We were finally DTC Friday the 21st, they say we should be logged in soon and then the long wait for our LOA. May god bless you and your family

Keisha said...

Isn't little girls soo much fun?! Mine used to love to dress up too.. now they have their "own" since of style... They're killin me! I just grin & bear it..but, sometimes I lay the law down.. & they walk out the door with matching bows..! lol!
You're 2 peanuts are precious! Hope you all are doing well!

Lauren McG said...

Heartwarming pics...thanks for taking the time to post. I know it's hard these days!

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