Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From Homecoming To...

Baby Dedication!
Sometimes the vast separation of my kids' activities make me laugh out loud :)

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Sunday was the day that we dedicated Gracie Joy at our church.  We go to a very large church and I have known our pastor since I was in high school and he was in Bible college.  It's always fun to share this special day with him, and especially since we were featured in the adoption video a few months ago. I know there were alot of people watching who were excited to see her.  It was amazing to be up there with this precious child, who was only a picture last time the church saw us on the big screen.   We also got to share the day with my brother and his wife!  They adopted a baby boy just a couple of weeks after we got home from China!!

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My brother and his wife and baby Ever.
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The two of them loved seeing themselves on the big screen behind us. They are both looking at themselves here :) Gracie kept turning my head with her hand to look at it :) baby dedication (10 of 16)

I have to admit, I was scared to death.  There was no way to know if Gracie would start screaming at our pastor or try to jump off the stage.  She's not exactlly the quiet, calm type!  That is actually why the boys aren't with us up there.  I know she would have wanted to be passed around the whole time.  It's also why I'm the one holding her even though she's a good bit heavier :)  Thankfully, she did great!


Paige said...

What a special day!!!

Shannon said...

So precious! Love their outfits!! So glad she did great. And congrats to your brother and sister-in-law on their adoption too! How do the girls do with a tiny baby? Gracie hasn't tried throwing him like a football yet, has she? :)

snekcip said...

Oh how wonderful! I love the name "EVER"!! Very unique!!

Check your email

Debbie said...


Sharon said...

Such a special occasion. You all look beautiful together and it's great that your brother's family was there to share the day as well. Congrats to them too!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh I love it. Such a beautiful child of God:)

Sammons said...

Such a beautiful family!! I love the girls dresses! What a fun weekend you had, bet you couldn't wait til Monday! Phew!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I love the name EVER and I also love the name TRUE. I don't know - its probably a good thing my husband says NO MORE BABIES, cause Id keep having them just to name them (kidding!)

I love Gracie's outfit too and HAVE to find those in China this time!! Who doesnt love a tutu skirt?

Glad the day was sweet! I am sure you went out for Chinese afterwards, right?!?

Lauren McG said...

How happy the Lord must be! I stand amazed at His blessings. Congratulation to you all!

quilt-n-mama said...

Looks like an awesome day! How special to share it with family. The girls looks adorable too:)

DiJo said...

Happy Anniversary too!!!! I am so glad you put her in that pink China Silk!!! GORGEOUS picture from her special day!!!! Thank you Lord for Gracie Joy!!!!!!
And, thank you for choosing this precious family for her!!!

Love Ya,

Keisha said...

Precious!What a Special Day!

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