Thursday, August 26, 2010

Too Cute!!

We are having the best time at the beach with all these precious girls! I can tell you being here with so many little girls is a brand new experience for me. They have all been so sweet and it has been such a great time getting to know each of them. Here's a quick sneak peek. I'll have lots more later, but right now...I've got to go play!!



Ainsley has been such a great big sister to all 4 girls this week. She is a doll, and Wesleigh adores her!


Mission To Macie said...

Sweet pictures...can't wait to see the rest!

glad yall are having a great time!

Jill :)

snekcip said...

Truly beautiful!! I know you guys are having a blast!! Enjoy!!!

Beth said...

Love the pic!!! Very cute!!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

what beautiful pictures : ) looks like all the girls are having a good time together.

Kim said...

Toooo CUTE..
Sooo jealous..
Love ya..
Soak it all up..

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

thanks for sharing. these girls are adorable in white.


Anonymous said...

Pics are just beautiful! Aren't Paw Paws (and Maw Maws) just the best ? !
Lynette in Laf

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