Monday, August 9, 2010

Going Crazy!

I have so missed my blogging! However, I don't think I would have had the time to do it this past week anyway. We had 4 school orientations, Bryce's birthday, Bryce and Cade started school Friday, Richard had surgery on his knee Tues., Wesleigh ended up with an ear infection and swimmer's ear and pink eye! My parents had to take her to the doctor because I was at orientations!! Add football practice, a birthday party and summer book reports and that about makes a week!!
I'm using Richard's work computer for a minute this morning and he's taking mine to our computer guy today. Hopefully he can get things worked out soon!!
Sorry there isn't a pic. I'm not willing to go through the hassle to load them on Rich's computer ;) I'll have a big catch up post soon! (and catch up on your blogs too)
I know most of you haven't gone back to school yet. I hope you're enjoy the last little bit of summer because waking up early to get them off to school is NO fun!!


snekcip said...

Bree's 1st day of school was today! We have been preparing for the 1st day as well and it's NO FUN!! LOL!! Wishing your boys an wonderful school year and Ms Wesleigh a "new adjustment" to an empty house once again!!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

BREATH.........and then BREATH.................;-)

Hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

So you are still alive!!! I've missed my Wesleigh moments and still check for them daily. Cade looks SO grown up this year. He is GORGEOUS!! My computer is in the shop too, by the way....yuck. Love, Lauren McG

Kim said...

Hope things settle down. but the begining of the school year is always hecktic..
I will be waiting for you ..

Stephanie said...

We start school on Monday and I am so not ready for it at all!

Hope things settle down there soon - if that's possible while school is in and Weleigh feels better!

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