Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sassy Pants

I just had to show you these pictures. They are not the best quality, but she was definitely hamming it up for the camera. She is hysterical!




I don't know if I posted about it or not, but the same day I went on the 5th grade field trip from hell, Wesleigh lost her little pearl monogrammed bracelet. I was so upset about it that my mom got her a new bracelet. I think it's adorable, and Miss Priss loves it too.


Wesleigh's vocabulary continues to grow by leaps and bounds. She is starting to put more words together and be able to communicate better each day. Today, Richard was leaving to bring the boys to baseball and then he was coming back to get Wesleigh and I. Miss W saw him with the keys and lifted her arms to him saying, "I weady". We always ask her "you ready?" when we're leaving. It was so sweet, I can't believe he didn't take her with him :) She was fine and was very excited when he came back to get her.


Kim said...

Toooo CUTE..
Love that little hip side tos side..
Cute braclet..
love it..
and Wesleigh's little yellowtop is cute..
have a great weekend.
Sounds like things are going well..

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

absolutely adorable!

Kate said...

She is darling!! It's been so much fun to watch her blossom!!! So sweet!

Linda said...

Love the little capris! And the poses. "Miss Priss" is right!

Keisha said...

I love the bracelet!!! So cute! And,... what a doll baby you have!

Anonymous said...

She does indeed look older with the side bow, but it is oh so cute!!! Her skin is so brown too!! Enjoy the summer!

DiJo said...

I love that little sassy pants!!!!!! I am "weady" to play with her soon! And, her Mommy too!!!!

Soon she will be in pigtails!


snekcip said...

Work it Wesleigh!! Love her in YELLOW!


She is so cute!

Lindy said...

Oh, she is darling!
Sign her up for a modeling agency.
She is so tan... brown as a berry.
I love her in yellow polka dots.
What a confident child she has become!!

3 Peanuts said...

Lil Miss Priss looks JUST like her gorgeous MAMA!!!!! LOVE that bracelet!!!!!!!!

carolinagirl said...

These are too precious!!! Emma has a bracelet just like that, but it is oval on top!

Debbie said...

Too cute!!! The bracelet is adorable, mind sharing where it came from??

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