Monday, June 28, 2010

Another First

As a mom to all boys, there are certain things that you never experience with your kids. One such thing would be all the princess movies. When Beau*ty and the Beast came out, I was in college and went quite a few times with my girlfriends. We loved it! I don't think I have seen the movie since then. I didn't even own any of those movies with the boys.

Well, today, all 4 of my children saw this movie for the first time! They might not ever admit it, but they were all mezmorized! I loved seeing it again as well. Maybe before the summer is over, all my boys will be up to speed on the princesses :) We have quite a few to watch!

April contacted me and told me she was selling some MJ clothes and asked if I was interrested. Of course I was interrested!! The box came today and she had wrapped each piece so sweet. You should have heard Wesleigh oohhhing and aahhing (ok...I was too!). Of course, we had to put something on right away and look in the mirror. She was so proud ;)

This is Miss Thang in her new dress with two of her favorite things: a harmonica and the postal box! I think I've shared that the postal box was at the door with all our mail when we came home from China. Since then, Wesleigh has decided that the plastic containers needed to stay there. Now, she's decided it's her portable seat. She brings it everywhere! The harmonica just appeared (who knows) and she loves it! She actually blows it and "makes music" ;)


As I was taking her picture, Bryce passed by. She immediately told him to come "sit". She wanted me to take their picture. She has become such a ham for the camera!!


Lindy said...

I just have to say that Bryce is the most handsome boy. Just wait until he starts high school... the girls will be flocking!! WJ obviously loves her brother "By."

Sharon Ankerich said...

What a precious girl!!! We love all princess movies too. What a treat to get a box of clothes in the mail! So fun!!!

Anonymous said...

So the boys have met Belle...who's next? My girls never did the princess thing, so enjoy it! Her postal crate is the best! Miss W needs to come play in Sadie's HUGE new box that is taking up one half of our cute. Decorated with girly things and even sports a "Sign In" sheet!! Bryce, you look good too!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

They are a cute duo! Now, I have the Beauty and the Best song in my head!


Stephanie said...

So sweet - love the pic of her kissing Bryce!!!!!!

Sammons said...

She just cracks me up! Always brings a smile to my face to see her with her brothers. My son is a complete pushover for his baby sis too! And hey, when miss W outgrows all her MJ's and so forth you feel free to contact me! We can't wear W things but we love MJ and there are NO trunk shows in AZ!! (Crazy huh??) I was lucky to get a few things on line from a trunk keeper in another state but it was tough! We would love to buy buy buy what we can't get here!

Sammons said...

My husbands favorite disney movie is Beauty and the Beast!! Shhhhh........

Kim said...

Beauty and the Beast was the 1st Disney movie I bought for Nick.. I wanted it so made it an excuse it was for Nick.
He was sooo little and a boy but he loved it..
Love the photos..
and as for the MJ outfits..I sooo hope I can buy the handme downs from you .
Love ya girly..

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