Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Another Redneck Monday...

Mondays around here can be a little more boring than other days. Usually, we've had a tiring weekend of baseball and need a little down time. The pool is closed on Mondays also, so we can't go swimming. Today, I couldn't stand to be inside anymore so we made our own redneck waterpark! I spend alot of time disguising the fact that we are rednecks, but sometimes, you just can't hide it!
Braden and Cole made their version of an "ice bath". They were sore after a weekend of baseball :) They used most of the ice in the ice machine to make this water freezing cold. I say, "whatever floats your boat!"


Notice they stratigically placed it within view of sports center!
Miss W joins right in. The grass is a non-issue these days.
Why they have the watering can out, I have no idea. Again...whatever....
Hope you all had a great Monday!
By the way, I just have to add how much I LOVE Toy Story 3!! Toy Story came out when Bryce was little and we had all the toys the first time around. I love that Wesleigh (well, all of us) is able to enjoy it now. I actually cried at the end. Since those toys have been around our house for so many years and Bryce is now going to high school, I felt like the mom in the movie did with her child growing up. So sad. I can't wait to go see it again though!!


Kim said...

LOVE the photos..
Looks like total fun..
Wesleigh is tooo stinking cute..
have a great week..

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I heard the end was bitter sweet!


DiJo said...

Did I ever tell you I worked for Disney when the first Toy Story came out!!
Yes, we gave out those green army men to all of our buyers! I can't wait to see it! LOVE the fact that you are a redneck... A classy one I may add!!!!

My Monday... not even that exciting!

Miss you,

Stephanie said...

Awww I love how they can see sportscenter - that is something my son and husband would totally do!!!! We've been making our own redneck waterpark a lot this summer too - we have a pool in our backyard but it's easier when it's just me during the day to not get them all in the pool since two of them can't swim.

E said...

Looks like a great way to keep cool and oh so much fun!

snekcip said...

Now that's what a call a COOL MONDAY!!! I heard that TOY STORY was a tearjerker! I can't wait to see it though!!

Keisha said...

What CUte Pics! I love the "Ice Bath"! LOL!!! Boyz!!!!
We went Sat. & saw Toy Story 3 & I cried too!!! Kids just grow up sooo fast.. don't they?! It was soo good!! I can't wait to buy it & watch it again!
Stay cool!! ;)

Sammons said...

What a fun Monday! Some of their best memories will be days like this. When they just did whatever came to mind and spent the whole day doing it, outside, all together, mom back in the house making koolaid!! Your a great mom! Have fun with these blessings! Seems like once they start Highschool the years fly by faster than ever! We have one in college and one in diapers (and 3 in between)!! We tell them every day to stop growing and they don't listen!

Kat Shank said...

Why wouldn't they have a watering can? It's the best way to water the slide and make that 'falling water' effect. :) (I'm a big kid at heart myself. heh)

Looks like a lot of fun!

3 Peanuts said...

Love the redneck waterpark!!!! Cannot wait to see TS3...

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