Friday, September 16, 2016

The Not So Great Flood of 2016 - August 12

I have so much to share from the past few months.  Richard and I literally came home from an amazing trip to Japan, watching Cade play baseball for Team USA, to dealing with an epic flood 3 days later.  We are now 5 weeks out from the day of the flood, and our entire community is dealing with huge losses.

I want to share pics I've taken along the journey.  I need a record of it for myself mainly.  This flood was caused from a crazy system that developed right on top of our small town.  Literally!

Thursday, Richard was out of town working when it started raining.  No big rains all the time.  Not like this though.  By the time Thursday night rolled around, there had been so much rain that announcements were made that schools would be closed Friday because of flash floods.  It still didn't phase me.  We are not in a flood zone and have never had trouble with water before.

This is what things looked like Friday morning:

 As the day progressed and the water rose, I started to worry.  Social media gave me more reason to worry as I started seeing reports of people flooding.  Also, the rain was not supposed to stop.  I started face-timing with Richard, showing him the water level and letting him know I was worried.  At some point in the late afternoon, we lost power. 

We started preparing for water, even though I really didn't believe we were going to flood.  The boys and I started lifting all furniture we could and taking pictures and important things upstairs. 

Did you know that during a flood, millions of spiders come from the flooded yard to your porch?  Yes...they do!  And many of them are carrying their sacs of eggs with them!!!!!!  It is disgusting!  The boys spent lots of time killing spiders.  Literally gives me chills just writing about it!

This is the last picture I took before it turned dark.  We hunkered down upstairs.  The kids were able to sleep.  I was not.  I laid there in the heat and dark, listening to the rain pour all night long.  I kept going downstairs to look around, thinking there would be water.

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Anonymous said...

Reading your experience with flood just send chills down my back. I, too, had a few experiences with flood before. Those were nightmares, terrifying and tiring. I am glad that you and your family are safe, and it always touches me to see you being so positive about anything and everything. God bless your sweet family always. (p/s: loving Wesleigh and Gracie~^^)

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