Monday, February 22, 2016

My Baseball Men

Look at these gorgeous men I share the sport of baseball with!  I just can't believe how time has passed.  We truly have looked forward to this year for a long time.  Now, I just want time to slow down...trying to soak every second in :)

I promise, if we could, we would go back and do it all over again!

The whole team used to walk over and get Wesleigh to give them knuckles.

Good Gravy!!  I have literally just made myself a blubbering idiot!  I thought "you should add some old pics to this'll be cute!"  OMG!!  I have tears rolling.  We have absolutely loved every second!


Melissa said...

Soooooo sweet! No wonder you were brought to tears...the picture of Wesleigh was too much! Enjoy this season with your boys : )

Naomi Rieland said...

Wow. I have spent the last week after stumbling upon your blog, reading from the beginning. (much to my productivities dismay)All I can say is this was a total God thing that I found your blog. I too have 3 boys-much younger, but 3 boys spaced out 2 years apart each. The last few months, God has totally placed adoption on my heart and I am thrilled that my husband hears the call too. We are hoping to adopt a girl from China and after reading your posts, it puts the fire in my soul to get things going!! Thank you for sharing your family with the world!

Naomi-From South Dakota

Anonymous said...

Jen, I've heard the flooding in Denham Springs is really bad! Are y'all ok??

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