Monday, October 28, 2013

My Favorite's true.  I have a favorite.  Actually on any given day, I have between 1 and 5 favorites and I have between 0 and 5 who are... let's just say.... not.  It's a sliding scale.  You can move up and down this scale minute by minute, day by day :)  Does that sound bad?  Just keeping it real over here!

Lately, though, this boy has been way up on the favorites list :)

He has been agreeable, helpful, talkative and pleasant... consistently.  Anyone with teenagers knows that this is not always the case!

His band performed in a marching competition this weekend.  They scored all 1's (the best!)  I am so proud of him and all the hard work he has invested in the band and his studies this year.

I am so sad that there are only 2 more football games and only one more marching competition  before this chapter of our lives is over :(  I can't believe it!  I never knew how much I would enjoy it and now will miss it greatly.

I have not been emotional about him graduating this year until now.  I am enjoying him so much that it makes me so sad to think of him leaving home!!  We do not know where he will end up going to college yet, but I do know that God has a great plan for this boy of mine!  God loves him even more than I do!


DiJo said...

Love this post!!!


Stacy said...

So glad he is the sweet gentlemen he looks to be. Please tell me how you and Richard do it because I need boys like yours!!!
What a handsome boy and a beautiful mama!
Miss you all!

Linda said...

I am a little sad though a little excited about Bryce's upcoming graduation. I will miss the band events too! He's the first grandchild to graduate - kind of a shock - didn't we just go through empty nest with our kids? So proud of Bryce! He's a delight!

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