Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dance, Dance, Dance!

This was the weekend...the girl weekend. The weekend that I don't spend at the ballpark with my hair in a ponytail :) Well...Saturday, at least! Revue 2013!!

photo (45)

photo (41)

The girls were so excited to finally dance in "the big show".

 They were true to their personalities. Gracie was completely in her element and loved every minute of the stage. I truly believe she thinks the whole event is about her! Wesleigh was busy trying to make sure she remembered every step and executed it exactly right! I love how different they are. The crowd, however, seems to appreciate Gracie's style of dance a little more. She is definitely a crowd favorite and as we walked through the crowd afterward, we got lots of smiles and compliments. You can see their different styles in these pics :)

revue 2013-8742

revue 2013-8732

revue 2013-8727

revue 2013-8725

revue 2013-8712

revue 2013-8708

revue 2013-8711

revue 2013-8773

revue 2013-8696

revue 2013-8701

revue 2013-8693

revue 2013-8695

It was my brother's turn to dance in the "daddy dance". Their theme was disco. OH MY...was it GREAT!! revue 2013-8784

Keep in mind, my brother is a city councilman in our city. I told him I think I have his next campaign photo here!! revue 2013-8770

Yes...he had a solo part :) revue 2013-8768

revue 2013-8761

Are those costumes not the cutest??? revue 2013-8759

revue 2013-8647

The other themes for the daddy dances were Motown and Annie. SO cute!!

 After the show, the girls were thrilled to get flowers. revue 2013-8792 Grandparents: revue 2013-8798

All my boys were happy to attend and support their sisters. They love to see what they do. They did, however, get a little antsy as we got into the 4th hour!! Especially since Braden had played 2 baseball games starting at 8:00 that morning! Next year, they will split the show into two :)
revue 2013-8801

revue 2013-8804

I just love these boys. My girls don't know how good they have it. Their brothers will do anything for them!! revue 2013-8805

I almost forgot. This might be my favorite pic! I happened to be able to see this backstage wing from my seat. Don't you know...I spent the whole dance before the girls' watching to see if I could get a shot of one of mine. LOVE how she's watching those big girls!! revue 2013-8724


M3 said...

Fun fun fun, and awesome costumes. I miss dance recitals (our girls said no this year...)

You look gorgeous, by the way.

Paige said...

oh my goodness I LOVE these. Of course Gracie totally cracks me up!!!! And Wesleigh oh I just love her!!! What precious girls you have! I so love how different they are, what a blessing, they will always be such a great support for each other. Love you friend and miss you!!

likeschocolate said...

The costumes are amazing! How sweet!

Sophie said...

You have a beautiful family, all the pictures are awesome!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Ah-dorable! It's so cute to see how different they are. And that daddy daughter dance is too fun. Oh the things dad's will do for their little girls.


Joni Rana said...

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Courtney said...

So cute. I always love seeing your photos from the dance recital. That Gracie is full of so much spunk!

Caitlin said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! Please tell me you have video of Joel's solo!! :)

snekcip said...

Oh myyyy I was waiting for these!!! FIRST OFF...the costumes are to AWESOME!!!! Gracie of course tickled me to pieces!! I have to say...when Bre danced (the girls has WAYYY TO MUCH ENERGY NOW...she is in gymnastics now) the recital was BRUTALLY LONG...yes 4.5 hours. I thought that was wayyy to long and by the end of the night, we had more kids in tears than they had kids in tutu's!!! Of course, Bre was still going happily along, but I was DEAD ON MY FEET!!! It was literally an ALL DAY THING!!! So glad that your "school of dance" decided to break it up next year. I wish they would take the same initiative here locally. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures and I agree...the girls are LUCKY to have such adoring brothers!!

Brooke said...

Oh my stars! I just laughed SO hard!! You can TOTALLY see the difference in personalities b/n your two cutie pies! And that shot at the end is priceless!!

Shay Ankerich said...

You took some amazing shots of your beautiful sweet girls!!! LOVE! Love your family photo too!!! What a wonderful night!!! Blessings and love!

Ani said...

Such cuties!!!! Their different personalities crack me up - the look of concentration on Wesleigh's face is precious, Miss Gracie's BIG dance moves will be legendary :)
Thanks for sharing!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

It's such a shame that Gracie doesn't have more of a personality isn't it?!?! ;)

She is such a riot!!

Lindy D. said...

I'd like to see your brother and Gracie Joy have a solo together. Wouldn't that be something?

Wesleigh is pure perfection. And those sweet doting brothers will all make great dads some day.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh these are absolutely adorable!!!! I can totally see their personalities shining through in every shot.

You look gorgeous too!

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