Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beach 2013

We are at the beach this happy place! I can't remember the last time we went on a vacation with just our "little" family. It has been fun just hanging out together. We are so busy at home and Richard is traveling so much for work, that it seems like we hardly see each other sometimes.

These two absolutely love the beach!  They will happily stay out all day long...fine with me :)
June 2013-9575cwf

June 2013-9658cwf

June 2013-9665cwf

I can't get over how much Cade has grown and changed in the past few months.
June 2013-9611cwf

You can't really tell, but these 3 are fishing.  Braden brought a friend with him who loves to fish as much as he does.  They are catching bait fish to use in the evening :)
June 2013-9583cwf

Braden and Jared...sweet friends.
June 2013-9707cwf
I don't many shots of Braden, and he was not happy about me taking these.  So happy to have it though because this is totally him.
June 2013-9733cwf

June 2013-9735cwf

Love this shot of him setting up his rod.
June 2013-9750cwf

This girl has to be part mermaid!  She does not leave the water!  She jumps waves, looks for "she shells", or just rolls around in the water.  She has even told me she wishes she had a tail like a mermaid :)
June 2013-9740cwf

I do have pics of Bryce...just haven't downloaded those yet :)


snekcip said...

So good to see an update!! The beach pics of the kids are gorgeous as always!!! LOVE ALL THAT WHITE SAND!!

3 Peanuts said...

Looks like a GREAT week at the beach. I totally hear is my happy place too and Kate is just like Gracie...part merman. In fact, i just posted a mermaid towel and stuff she got for her birthday!

Cade and Braden look so grown up. Enjoy yht rest of your time. We go in a few weeks and I cannot wait.

likeschocolate said...

Yeah! So happy you were able to get away with your family. Great shots!

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