Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vacay, cont...

I'm just going to warn you...there are lots of pics in this post. I have got to get the rest of these posted so I can move on!!

 If you know anything about my girls, you would assume that Gracie is my brave child and Wesleigh is more timid about new things. That would seem to make more sense, but it's actually not the way it is! Wesleigh is much more adventurous than Gracie at this point. Wesleigh was so excited to go on this slide. Cade brought her up thinking he would go down with her, but when they made it to the top he found out they would not let them go at the same time! He ended up going down first so he could wait for her at the bottom. Wesleigh was not upset one bit. She let the worker at the top give her a shove and down she went! She got out of the pool and walked straight back to the stairs to do it again!! She must have gone down this slide about 15 times! About half of those times she didn't have enough momentum to make it to the bottom so she had to push herself to the end and jump cute! Once the counselors knew her a little better, they would almost throw her down the slide a bit so she would go fast enough to reach the end. She loved it!!

 So what did Gracie say when we asked if she wanted to go? "No way! Scaaawwwwy!" lol...

June 2012-7266cwf

June 2012-7268cwf

June 2012-7275cwf

June 2012-7276cwf

June 2012-7277cwf

June 2012-7280cwf

June 2012-7285cwf

My goofball Cade.
June 2012-7265cwf

Lori and her new friend Gracie Joy!  Lori....I lub your flowers!!  lol...
June 2012-7299cwf

Hudson was such a cutie taking these pics!  At first, he acted like we were torturing him, but then he didn't want to get up!  He just sat there grinning surrounded by all those girls!  lol...
June 2012-7536cwf

Three spicy Hunan girls!!  I think they resemble each other...although I have no idea where Gracie's wavy hair comes from :)
June 2012-7583cwf

June 2012-7253cwf

Cade and Trey...a friendship that began in China over 2 years ago (see next pic).
June 2012-7630cwf

Cade and Trey in Guangzhou.  Love their shirts :)

We have been loving summer and spending lots of pool days with friends.  That is my favorite thing to do in the summer!  We are busy too, though and I know summer will be gone before we know it!  Time just goes too fast!!!  I haven't figured out how to slow it down yet though!!!  Hope you are all having a fun summer!!


3 Peanuts said...

It looks like you had SO MUCH fun! I LOVE W's sense of adventure! She sounds like her Mama!!!

Stacy said...

I am LOVING that YOU are blogging about Kanakuk instead of me. Hahaha!
The pictures are awesome and so fun to look at.
It amazes me how much Cade and Trey have grown.
Such handsome boys!
Miss you guys already.
Love you!

PS. Love Cade's XL Mens Kanakuk Tank!!!!! ; )

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

This looks like such an amazingly fun time! :-)

Paige said...

That looks like so much fun!!! So funny about Gracie and Wesleigh, Janie is mine that will try anything, so now Madeline will try since she WILL NOT be outdone by her little sister:)

Lori said...

Thanks for the smiles, Jennifer! Sweet, sweet memories! Finally meeting YOU was one of them! You have a gift for capturing each personality in your photos, as seen so perfectly in the photo of all our China babies! LOVED the photo of sweet Gracie Joy sitting next to me in the pool... brings a smile every time! I guess I just have a soft spot for those Hunan girls!

Hugs from Florida! Lori

Lindy D. said...

I can't believe how brave Wesleigh was to go down that BIG slide all by herself. And how great that Cade and Trey could reconnect. Those three Hunan girls are quite the beauties!

Jennifer said...

So fun!! I love your precious family and so glad that I finally got to meet y'all! Even though it felt like I already had! :) Let's definitely make plans to meet up again next year...and maybe we'll have a little more time to visit!

DiJo said...

Love this post of Teacup flying down the slide!!!! Even I would have to give that a whirl. It looks like a blast!!!! So glad you had this fun experience!!!!! And, that you made some very special friends while you were there!!

Giving thanks for air conditioning while i type today!!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

I am amazed W got on that slide~ maybe? EK would but just don't think so~ loved every photo!!! XO

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