Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catching Up

I seem to be getting back on track this week :) We are already in the countdown to school around here!! The boys go back on Aug 9! It's hard to believe.

I still have more beach pics to post and then some baseball pics to :) I'm going to try to get through those pretty quick so I can move on!

 July 2012-8358cwf

July 2012-8376cwf July 2012-8429cwf

July 2012-8457cwf

July 2012-8459cwf

July 2012-8462cwf

July 2012-8293

This is the closest thing I have to a family picture this trip.  The boys were never all in the same place and I didn't chase them down this trip.  Looking through the pics, I don't know if I have one picture of Cade (except baseball)!  Oh well...he was way too busy to worry with his mom :)
July 2012-8286

Braden and part of his crew.  I remember the days when all Braden did at the beach was put on goggles, grab a net and search for creatures in the water the entire day.  Now, all they want to do is walk the beach and search for cute girls :(  Yuck!  Give me the sea creatures any day!!
July 2012-8240

The girls taking turns with Paw Paw.
July 2012-8225

Cade is at church camp this week and he is having a blast.  He has been excited about this trip for the entire summer!  I am so happy that he was able to go.  I have realized this week that Cade is alot of work!!!  He always wants attention and must say my name a million times a day...most of the time, just so I'll look at him!!  I would be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this little break :)  Of course, I will be happy to get him back :)


Kate said...

Love all the vivid pinks and blues! Looks like a fabulous trip all around! Uggg to back to school! (or maybe it's a good thing...I just dread having to be back on a schedule...)

Enjoy the lazy days you have left!!

snekcip said...

Aug 9th!!! Oh Wow!! Bre's Kindergarten school year kicks off Aug 27th. We are squeezing every waterpark, imprompto vacay we can!! Summer is dwindling fast and I can tell you, she is soaking up every ounce of it literally! The photos of the girls are just always amazing!! I so love the one of them in the bathing suits!! The first picture of Wesleigh with the shades is TOO CUTE!!!!

I had to laugh about the comment about Braden and girls!! I remember those days!!

Allie said...

Love these pictures!! I know how you feel about that school thing. I'm back August 20th so it's a break but it's coming up so soon!! Love these citrus and those dresses! They are adorable! I see Gracie is in a bikini again! No repeats of last time right? ;) haha

Gale said...

May I ask who made the dresses??? The are lovely...and your girls are just precious!!!

Lindy D. said...

Love the picture of the girls in their striped swimsuits and sunnies. Gracie is cute on the beach chairs; what a natural beauty she is! You and Richard are a handsome couple, with you so blonde and trim and Richard with his physique.

Sharon Ankerich said...

You got some great shots! Know what you mean about family photo. Didn't get a very good one either. Happy week!!!

Jennifer said...

I just have to say once that bob!! They look precious in their matching suits. And I know the feeling about chasing down the boys for pics. I'm finding them in less and less of my pics lately! They're still in the hunting for sea creatures phase, but I know it won't be long til they're chasing the girls too!!

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