Friday, July 6, 2012

Something BIG.... happening over here today! Can you guess what it might be?? It involves one of my favorite people and a pair of scissors!!

I'll post an update later :)
June 2012-7694cwf

We got our favorite summer treat, snowballs, the other day.  I am so sad for most of you that you don't have the shaved ice snowballs we have here!  I don't know why they're here and not other places, but I'm not asking too many questions.  The ice is so soft, it's amazing!  I used to crave them horribly when I was pregnant with Bryce and Braden (of course they were born in Aug. and Sept.!)  Thinking I'm going to head that way in a little while :)
June 2012-7689cwf

June 2012-7690cwf

June 2012-7699cwf

Gracie has had no problem adjusting to these frozen treats!  If you stopped by my house on a random day, these are the rag-a-muffins you'd see :)
June 2012-7712cwf

I love these sister shots...they are so funny together and truly love being with each other!
June 2012-7714cwf

So funny!  I don't think Gracie was doing this on purpose, but it sure made for a funny pic!
June 2012-7716cwf

June 2012-7720cwf


3 Peanuts said...

We had 4th of July with our best friends here and she is from New Orleans and her sister was in from New Orleans too and they were talking about snowballs too. They ALWAYS talk about them in the summer. As many times as we have been to LA, we have never had one!!!!

I think it would be an almost everyday summer pastime if they were close by:)

So W is getting her hair cut? Can't wait to see it. I had an appt. for Kate the other day and we thought about cutting a lot off but in the end we just did a little trim.

I felt awful though because right after we got home from the haircut, I discovered Kate had LICE!!!! I cannot believe the stylists did not see it!!!!
Gonna blog about that soon. It was awful!!!!

snekcip said...

Actually I like the see the girls "dressed down" sometimes!! They would be adorable in croaker sacks!! Snowballs?!! Is that like a "SnowWiz"? I can't wait to see the new-do!!

Shannon said...

Oh how I miss snowballs. They have snowCONES in Texas and they are just not the same.

Can't wait to see the new hair cut!!

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