Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

The girls had their Thanksgiving Feast at school Friday.  They were SO excited and had worked so hard on their songs.  Their school is so amazing and is like a time warp.  It is exactly the same as when the boys were there..I love it!  I actually wanted to find a picture of the boys during their feast, but I'm scared to look for them.  I'm afraid they won't be there :(   (If you didn't know, we lost our house to a fire 6 yrs. ago, so I'm missing a big chunk of my memories.)  Maybe I'll get enough nerve to look next year.  Maybe I'll be organized by next year!  Yeah...right!

Anyway...the girls were adorable and were so excited to see Richard and I at school...so cute!
This was not my first choice of outfit, but I think they turned out cute.  I had to put some major bling bows in their heads though to add a little "somethin, somethin".

I just have to say that I despise taking pictures in a gym!!  I am so glad that my boys haven't chosen basketball as their sport of choice :)

I love the way her headband is around her bow and not her head.  Poor baby woke up feeling yucky and looks it...she is still struggling.
DSC_1448 DSC_1451

It was very stratigic that Gracie was right next to a teacher :)  I have to write an update on Miss Gracie.  It is amazing the strides she has taken in every way!

Shooting her bow and arrow.
DSC_1460 DSC_1465

Saying the blessing.  How cute is that??
DSC_1481 DSC_1482

Are these not adorable???  I would like to say I'm just not that ambitious because I'm an old mom, but the truth is...I don't think I was that ambitious when Bryce was little either!!  They sure are cute though!!

It was a great day.  I am thankful for these two precious girls who fill my life with all things pink and shiny!!


Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, the bows really top the outfit off!!! I think those outfits are darling. I love preschool! I can't wait to meet Ruby to see if she will be ready next year - we have to sign up by 1/1!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amber Leggio said...

Just was wondering where you get the girls Matilda Jane clothes. I wanted to order an outfit for Mia but don't want to do a trunk show. Your girls always look so precious. :)31 days and waiting for our RA (LOA). Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.

Lauren McG said...

What cute turkeys! All the McGowans send their love on this week of Thanksgiving!

DiJo said...


Love those little turkey's!!


Kelly said...

What fun!! Your girls are so cute!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lori said...


Love the turkey outfits!!! :):)
Where do you find the HUGE bows??? We need bigger ones now that Kati's hair is so long.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Blessings, Lori

Martha said...

I used to teach preschool for several years before having my 3rd born. Oh, how I remember those Thanksgiving feasts, songs, Indian hats and Pilgrim collars...and the turkey handprints...Like you said, my photos from my oldest children are not organized...and I don't have a house fire as an excuse, Oh how I wish everything was digital back then too...but one day I'll sit down and organize those photos in the boxes...Yeah, right, when I'm a granny! lol

Paige said...

So sweet, and I love there outfits and of course the bling with them. I have to say as an older mom this go around I am beginning to realize how unambitious I am about some things....why is that...I don't feel old.....maybe realize other things are more important, I'll just keep telling myself that anyway:). I can't wait to hear how Gracie is adjusting. I'm getting so anxious about Janie and how she is growing older by the day and STILL NO LOA! Day 80, we'll be thankful to travel by March,uggggg!

snekcip said...

Love the outfits!!! It's quite different for me, as an older mom, I feel I'm more ambitious. I enjoy the "grands" along w/Bree and we are always searching for something unique to make! I gotta say "that turkey" was absolutely adorable!!! I'm so gonna try this!!!

Anonymous said...

Have I commented lately how much I LOVE your blog??? It never ceases to bring a smile! Precious, precious girls! :-) Lori McCary

Sammons said...

Love those sweet little turkey's! I think the outfits are perfect! Happy Thanksgiving! Mary

Sharon Ankerich said...

precious girls and outfits~ what a fun day for them!!! Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet family!!! XO

Jennifer said...

Precious outfits(and big bows) and precious girls!! Looks like they had a fun time at the feast. Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving!!

Lindy D. said...

The girls look so darling. So wonderful that the teacher has taken Gracie under her wing!

Sharon said...

I love the outfits! They are both so sweet. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

3 Peanuts said...

They look adorable Jen!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving with your precious family!!

Love you,

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