Monday, March 14, 2011

Baseball Hangover...

This is where the baseballs meet the bows! Our weekend consisted of Braden and Cade both playing in a tournament in New Orleans. Between the two of them, we had 7 games this weekend. Bryce stayed behind, but Wesleigh was along for the ride. I have to say...she was amazing!

Today has been a hangover day, for sure. Between sleeping in a hotel and daylight savings, I came home extremely sleep deprived. I also got to take one of my injured players to the ortho today!

Here is my Cade. He was amazing. This was his team's first tournament and they went 2 for 2. We were so unbelievably proud of all of them. Cade pitched Sunday morning and was so good! He's alot of fun to watch and he's grown so much. He doesn't get rattled on the mound like he used to...solid! Cade's the one who got to visit the doctor today. His knee has been bothering him since football but I never paid much attention to it. He hit a triple and made it to third but after he slid, he couldn't get up. He got carried off the field as he cried. We took him in today and the doc said he has "jumpers knee". There is something with the tendon in his knee that has to do with growing and stretching. It was the best news possible! It will still bother him but he's not doing any damage to his knee.




Here's my Braden. His team struggled a little bit but we are so proud of him too. They went 1 for 3. I love watching him behind the cute!



And here's my bowhead. She was such a trooper. No nap Saturday because we were at the ballpark the entire day. To bed late and up SUPER early for an 8:00 game Sunday (with daylight savings), and we didn't leave the park until 4:30. She did not have one meltdown or fit. In fact, she never even cried. I could not have asked any more of her!!

Of course, ringpops never hurt ;) Actually, she didn't eat much of this one and never asked for it again. (thank goodness...they're SO messy)

I brought a bag full of "entertainment" but this was the best. Worth its weight in gold!


Sweet baby...we had a break in the games Sunday and I strolled her around until she fell asleep. It was a nice break for her...and for me!

(Gracie pt. II coming next!)


Linda said...

Great baseball shots!

Canada to China and back! said...

You are one busy Mama! Great pictures of baseball and of course Miss Wesleigh! Can't wait to read about Miss Gracie part deux.:)


3 Peanuts said...

So glad the knee is not something serious! The boys look great playing baseball and W sounds like she was quite the trooper all weekend.

Sharon Ankerich said...

You are one awesome mom!!! taking care to shoot fabulous pics of those boys and making sure your precious girl has lots to do too. :) Can't wait to her the rest of your story!!!
Blessings and love!

DiJo said...

Teacup was born to be a Baseball Groupie!!!!! Jen, you took some GREAT baseball shots!!!!!!!! You are ready for China with that camera girl!!!!!

I hope your recovery was good today!!!!


P.S: Such great news on Cade's knee!!!!!

Sara said...

What wonderful shots of your boys!!! And Wesleigh is as cute as ever ;) I was wondering where you got her sweet ruffly leggings??? I've seen them a cuple of times on other girls and think they are so cute! I'd love to get some for my girls!

The Gutmans' said...

Soooo precious!

Ashley said...

Love the looks of the weather down your way! For my b-day present my hubby surprised me with a trip to New Orleans (neither of us have never been) this coming weekend. It looks like this weekend is going to be great for traveling AND more baseball!!!

Blessings, Ashley

Stacy said...

GREAT pics of the boys!!!!
I love outdoor sports shots!

Of course Miss W is adorable, too. : )

Miss you guys!

Football and Fried Rice said...

The boys look so handsome out on the field! Can't believe Miss Wesleigh does so awesome for so long- heck, IM proud of her! Popcorn always works with my kids :) earns me at least an hour!

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