Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Championship Day

I can't believe it has taken me so long to post about game day! Things have been kind of crazy around here. My in-laws came to town Friday to catch the big games, and then took the kids back with them yesterday, so things have not been normal.
Cade's game was supposed to start at 6:00 and Braden's at 7:45, but wouldn't you know it, a huge thunderstorm moved in at about 5:30. You would know, we haven't had rain for months and it decides to rain right then!! The games were delayed an hour, so we started at 7:00. Cade started pitching, but couldn't handle the pressure and broke down on the mound :( It was pretty pitiful. Very frustrating, as a mom, to watch. Our team struggled through the whole game and fought back, but lost by one run. We were very proud of them and they were given a trophy bat for being second place in the league. It was a tough game. Here are a couple pics of the team, before in their huddle and after with their trophy.

As soon as Cade's game finished, I ran (all out sprint) to the next field for Braden's game. Because of the rain delay, this game didn't start until 9:00. It was a VERY late night. The home plate umpire was a guy who had thrown Richard out of a game a few weeks ago for absolutely nothing. For whatever reason, he doesn't like Richard or our team, so I knew there would probably be fireworks at some point. Richard was very good at keeping his mouth shut, and the umpire did a pretty good job until it was the last inning and it looked like we were actually going to win. We were the home team and were in the field. There were two outs and we were up by 3. This umpire decided that he would start calling all of our pitches balls. It was so bad that Braden was catching and turning around to the guy asking where pitches were. They were all very frustrated. He continued to call balls until we had walked in the go ahead run. Finally, one of their players got out, by hitting the ball. When we came up to bat, the umpire then decided that balls thrown at the boys' ankles should be called strikes. It was completely unbelievable. Our boys fought so hard and one of them even hit a triple on a very high ball. They had to, the umpire was completely controlling the game. There were some fireworks, as promised, and a couple of our coaches were thrown out for complaining about the calls (not Richard. He didn't say a word), but our boys kept fighting. The other pitcher was so nervous (there was alot going on, in fact, my voice may never recover) he couldn't throw a strike. He ended up walking in the winning run because the pitches were so bad, there was no way the umpire could get away with calling them strikes.
We were so proud of our boys for not giving up and fighting every second. We are very disappointed in the ballpark for letting this happen. An umpire should never be allowed to do this. It was so bad that LSU's football coach, whose son was on the other team, came over and said it was the worst officiating he'd ever seen. I wrote a letter about it to the "bosses", but I'm sure the only good it did was to let me get it off my chest.
The good news: WE WON!!! As hard as that guy tried, he couldn't keep us down! Here are some pics of the "dogpile" and the whole team. They were very proud.

We didn't get home until midnight and the boys had to swim in the city meet the next morning. It was so hard waking them (and myself) up at 7:30 that next morning! They did it, though, and I'm proud of them.

They are with my in-laws for the week...what do I do now?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Talk about hot! We have had record breaking temps here for the last couple of weeks. We're used to it being hot around here, but this is ridiculous! The kids don't even want to swim because the water in the pool is so hot. When I woke up, this is what I found on the back porch. I just thought it was funny.
Today's the big day. Both boys are in their championship games tonight. Thank God they're not at the same time. I might just die!! Hopefully I'll have good news to report tomorrow!!
Have a great day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whoo Hoo!!!!

To say we've had a couple of exciting days around here would be a huge understatement. We left Saturday to spend a few days at the beach with my family. They are still there, but we had to come back on Tuesday for, what else, baseball games. Braden and Cade both won on Tuesday and advanced to the next level. Cade plays Friday for the championship. Braden had another game last night (YES, during the college world series!!) Both of his games were really hard fought. They won each game by one run and my heart was pounding the whole time!
In Braden's game Tuesday, we had gone into extra innings and the score had been tied for a long time. It was a true battle. We were the home team and up to bat, there were 2 outs and we had a runner on 2nd. Braden was the next batter up. I was about to freak out!! He had two strikes on him and then hit the ball in between 1st and 2nd base. It was on the ground and I thought they would get him out for sure, but the ball hit the ground right in front of the fielder and bounced way up over his head into the outfield! We couldn't believe it!! I asked Braden about it later and he said it was a "power up". I asked him what that meant and he said, "That's when something really amazing and special happens. I've been saving it." Well, glad he decided to use it! It was so awesome.
Last night's game was just as exciting. Again, the score had been tied for quite a while. We were playing great in the field, but couldn't seem to hit the ball. Finally, one of Braden's teammates hit a little dribbler and their team made some huge mistakes. Cole made it all the way home and scored!! After that game, we all rushed over to one of our favorite restaurants to watch the second half of the LSU game. It was such a blast!

My super stud!
Braden's awesome team.

Cheering the Tigers on to victory!!

Almost as exciting is the fact that I am posting this from my new laptop. I know I am so behind the times, but I am so excited to be mobile now!! And it's SO fast!!!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crawfish, Strawberry Pie & Tiger Baseball...oh, my!!!

Yesterday, LSU played in the College World Series in Omaha. We decided to have a crawfish boil and get together with some friends for the game. It was an absolute blast! We had lots of crawfish, homemade strawberry pie (yes, I made it) and LSU baseball...it doesn't get more South Louisiana than that!!
I posted lots of pictures because they were all so cute. There were 15 boys here (not 1 girl!). They played wiffle ball most of the time, but then changed to hide and seek when it got dark. Of course, they ended up in front of the TV for the last couple of innings. They wouldn't miss the Tigers win!!

Charlie is 4. The crawfish was pretty spicy, so he's holding a piece of ice to his lips :-)

Cajun boys!!

Huge wiffle ball game. They had a blast!

Catching the end of the game.

Tigers Win!!! I know it's blurry, but it's too stinkin' cute!

Hope you're having a great weekend. I have a couple of extra boys staying with us for the weekend. It's been alot of fun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cabbage Ball

A couple of weeks ago we got roped into playing a Cabbage Ball tournament for the Red Cross. We had never even heard of cabbage ball, so this was completely new to us. Turns out, it was a blast!! We had a few other parents from Braden's baseball team that played with us, and that made it even better. The whole time we were playing ball, our boys were sitting behind home plate cheering and chanting the entire time. They even yelled at me to tell me to back up when I was playing right field! They were adorable and made the experience so much better. We cheer for them constantly, so it was nice to have the tables turned.

I ended up being the winning run, and even though I made it in being super prissy, they were so proud of me. I was just so thankful I didn't break anything or really embarrass myself ;-)

Cade took all the pictures with his camera. He did a pretty good job and was so proud of himself.

Just to prove to you that I really did play. I actually hit the ball pretty good!

Our friends, in between games.

Our cheerleaders, in between games.

The guys...scoping out the competition. They kept telling us that it wasn't a big deal, and they didn't care...yeah, right! They were so competitive! (I would expect nothing less!)

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Bryce's Baseball

I am trying to go back and catch up on some things I haven't blogged about. Bryce's baseball season was very fast (especially compared to the other boys). He plays at the local park here in town. It is much more laid back than where the other boys play, but is great for Bryce. He was one of their best players and got to pitch a good bit. I didn't get very many pictures of him because all their games are at night. I am sad that I didn't do better. He has gotten so tall and everyone commented on how tall and skinny he looked in those baseball pants. He is all legs.

Here are a couple of his pics.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Youngest Brother

There are many advantages and disadvantages to being the youngest of 3 boys. There are many things that could be considered both. One of which is that you seem to grow up a whole lot faster than the others. Cade has been huge since birth. He has always been so much bigger than other kids his age that everyone thinks he's older anyway. Cade has grown up with a baseball glove in his hand. He started playing t-ball on Braden's team when he had just turned 3 years old (might as well, he would have pitched a fit if you hadn't let him). Honestly, he was better than most of the 5 and 6 year olds on the team. This trend has continued. He now weighs more than Braden and is only an inch or two shorter. He plays on a 9 year old baseball team even though he just turned 8. There are a couple of reasons for that, but the main reason is that he is just a stud ;) Richard coaches both Cade's 9 year old team and Braden's 10 year old team. They are both named the Rays and have the same uniform. Last night, we were missing a few players because of vacations. We only had 8, so we needed another kid. Cade was the guy! He was so awesome. He got 2 really good hits and ended up pitching the last inning! He struck out 2 batters!! He was so proud of himself, he definitely had a little strut in his walk. We are so proud of him to. He is definitely a 8 year old, but he sure doesn't play ball like one!!

Braden's team was so great to Cade. Of course, they all know him very well. He practices with Braden's team all the time. The whole time Cade was pitching, Braden was playing short-stop and encouraging him. I think Braden was proud of him too.

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Oh yeah, by the way, when he finished this game, he had to run to the other field to play in his own game. He filled in as catcher in that game and threw a runner out at third!! Way to go, Cade!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Geaux Tigers!

Braden and some of his teamates cheering on the Tigers...having a blast!!
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The Best Seats in the House!!

Enjoying baseball at the box with my boys! Geaux Tigers!!!
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Swim Meet

Our neighborhood opened their pool this summer, and we have been enjoying SO much!!! One thing the boys are getting to do is swim on the swim team. I used to do this when I was young and I'm so excited they are getting the chance to experience it. Bryce has swam a little in the past, so he was ahead of the pack. The other two have had little training and had no idea what being on the swim team was about. I didn't really explain it to them either. I knew it would intimidate them and I didn't want them to have a bad attitude about it. When I woke them up the first day for practice, I didn't know if they would make it.

During the first practice, Cade was with the older group. He started crying after a few laps because he couldn't keep up. I got him changed to the younger group (6 and under) and he was much happier. Granted, he's 8 and HUGE, he could care less. He has thanked me profusely for changing him to that group. He seems to be having the best time of anyone.

When we were walking to the car after that first practice, Braden said "I stunk". I told him that it didn't matter, he would do better tomorrow. His response: "We have to go back?!?!?!" Oh, that's right...I never really explained how swim team works did I? I think he thought we had done it and that was that.
Practices have gotten easier, and they are enjoying themselves. They even had a write up in the paper today that featured my boys and the new team.
Yesterday was our first meet. Cade was a little freaked out in the beginning, but as soon as he saw the ribbons, he was good. They are all so proud of themselves...I'm proud too!!
This is Braden and John Ashley with another relay member.
Cade about to dive off the block.
Bryce got a first place ribbon for the 50m breast stroke. He was happy, but wiped out!
Cade and his relay team after they won first place in the medley relay!! He was all about that blue ribbon!
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Know...I Know...

School is out and I said I was back. That was the intention, and I have SO much to post! My problem is that I hate to post without a picture, and my computer is so full, it is painful to download. I bought an external hard drive yesterday to move all my pictures to, but now I have to figure out how. Yay!

The boys have been playing lots of baseball. Braden had an awesome tournament last weekend- we thought he hit one over the fence for a minute, but it fell short. It was alot of fun, though. Cade plays in a tournament this weekend, so I hope they do well. Bryce finished his baseball season last week, so I can check that off the list!

They have all started swim team. The first meet is tomorrow morning. It's a little hard waking them up in the morning, but the pool is in the neighborhood so it's really nice. Cade has improved so much in just a few practices.

My house is a wreck. I did clean out the laundry room right after my last post. It was amazing how much stuff I threw out. Everything else, though, I haven't touched. I'm hoping for another motivating burst of energy any day now ;-)

Some of you have asked me about the SN process. We haven't officially switched yet. Richard has a few business things he wants to take care of first, so the money won't be such an issue when we need to travel. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, we will be on the list. They don't give you a timeline because it is completely dependant on which SN you are willing to accept. I don't think my list will be very long. I am nervous about it, and am not sure which SN I can handle. You can turn a referral down if you think it's too much, but how do you do that? I don't know, God is just going to have to work that out.

We're off to a friends house to swim for a little while. Bryce has band camp today and Cade has a ballgame. We're having a blast, and you'd be totally impressed with my tan ;) I'll try to get my computer working again so you can see pictures.

Have a great day!!
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