Friday, June 12, 2009

Bryce's Baseball

I am trying to go back and catch up on some things I haven't blogged about. Bryce's baseball season was very fast (especially compared to the other boys). He plays at the local park here in town. It is much more laid back than where the other boys play, but is great for Bryce. He was one of their best players and got to pitch a good bit. I didn't get very many pictures of him because all their games are at night. I am sad that I didn't do better. He has gotten so tall and everyone commented on how tall and skinny he looked in those baseball pants. He is all legs.

Here are a couple of his pics.

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Stephanie said...

WOW! He is so tall! I actually like the night games...we haven't had many so far and I hear next year they go late so I might change my mind then but for now they're fun under the lights!

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