Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Swim Meet

Our neighborhood opened their pool this summer, and we have been enjoying SO much!!! One thing the boys are getting to do is swim on the swim team. I used to do this when I was young and I'm so excited they are getting the chance to experience it. Bryce has swam a little in the past, so he was ahead of the pack. The other two have had little training and had no idea what being on the swim team was about. I didn't really explain it to them either. I knew it would intimidate them and I didn't want them to have a bad attitude about it. When I woke them up the first day for practice, I didn't know if they would make it.

During the first practice, Cade was with the older group. He started crying after a few laps because he couldn't keep up. I got him changed to the younger group (6 and under) and he was much happier. Granted, he's 8 and HUGE, he could care less. He has thanked me profusely for changing him to that group. He seems to be having the best time of anyone.

When we were walking to the car after that first practice, Braden said "I stunk". I told him that it didn't matter, he would do better tomorrow. His response: "We have to go back?!?!?!" Oh, that's right...I never really explained how swim team works did I? I think he thought we had done it and that was that.
Practices have gotten easier, and they are enjoying themselves. They even had a write up in the paper today that featured my boys and the new team.
Yesterday was our first meet. Cade was a little freaked out in the beginning, but as soon as he saw the ribbons, he was good. They are all so proud of themselves...I'm proud too!!
This is Braden and John Ashley with another relay member.
Cade about to dive off the block.
Bryce got a first place ribbon for the 50m breast stroke. He was happy, but wiped out!
Cade and his relay team after they won first place in the medley relay!! He was all about that blue ribbon!
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Stephanie said...

Great pics and so much fun! I love how you signed them up and didn't tell them anything about it and even more so that they thought they were done after the first day :) That's a story for when they get funny!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YEA... great job boys..
Love it..
Looks like they are having tooo much fun..
Love water...
have a great week..

Keisha said...

Congrats Boys! Keep up the good work. I too was on the swim team a LONG
L...O....N...G time ago. ;)
I wished we had one here for our kids.

Anonymous said...

nothing like a ribbon!

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