Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whoo Hoo!!!!

To say we've had a couple of exciting days around here would be a huge understatement. We left Saturday to spend a few days at the beach with my family. They are still there, but we had to come back on Tuesday for, what else, baseball games. Braden and Cade both won on Tuesday and advanced to the next level. Cade plays Friday for the championship. Braden had another game last night (YES, during the college world series!!) Both of his games were really hard fought. They won each game by one run and my heart was pounding the whole time!
In Braden's game Tuesday, we had gone into extra innings and the score had been tied for a long time. It was a true battle. We were the home team and up to bat, there were 2 outs and we had a runner on 2nd. Braden was the next batter up. I was about to freak out!! He had two strikes on him and then hit the ball in between 1st and 2nd base. It was on the ground and I thought they would get him out for sure, but the ball hit the ground right in front of the fielder and bounced way up over his head into the outfield! We couldn't believe it!! I asked Braden about it later and he said it was a "power up". I asked him what that meant and he said, "That's when something really amazing and special happens. I've been saving it." Well, glad he decided to use it! It was so awesome.
Last night's game was just as exciting. Again, the score had been tied for quite a while. We were playing great in the field, but couldn't seem to hit the ball. Finally, one of Braden's teammates hit a little dribbler and their team made some huge mistakes. Cole made it all the way home and scored!! After that game, we all rushed over to one of our favorite restaurants to watch the second half of the LSU game. It was such a blast!

My super stud!
Braden's awesome team.

Cheering the Tigers on to victory!!

Almost as exciting is the fact that I am posting this from my new laptop. I know I am so behind the times, but I am so excited to be mobile now!! And it's SO fast!!!
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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like an AMAZING few days..
and being on the beach sounds sooo fun..we are heading to CA at the end of July..
LOVE the beach.. I could just live on it..LOL..
CONGRATS to the boys.. they are always doing sooo wonderful in thier games..
Congrats on your laptop.. I love it.. you can go anywhere...
Have a great week..

Marcy Stevens said...

I can attest to the fact that it was a stressful game Tuesday night! Having a kid on the "other" team!! LOL! It was an awesome hit Bradon had that ran in the winning run! If we had to lose to someone I'm glad it was someone I'm friends with! Good job Braden and good luck Friday night!!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Way to Go!! Those are FUN times. We are playing in the USSSA World Series in July!


carolinagirl said...

CONGRATS!!!! My post before this last one was similar to yours. We play tonight to determine who goes to the winners bracket. We are then driving 4.5 hours to the beach for a long weekend...if we lose, we'll be back for a 6pm game on Saturday night! Sigh!!! I hope these boys win for so many reasons!!!!


Stephanie said...

Braden is a catcher? After all this time I had no idea...that's Lucas' position too!

I'm so glad they won. We start district tournament tomorrow night...very nervous!!! This new allstar team is new so I'm not as familar with them as we were with our regular season team. Defensively they make me nervous sometimes :)

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