Monday, January 4, 2016

Tigerband beginning

The last day of band camp includes their practice march down the hill.  Last year, this was my favorite day!  This year was just as awesome!  I love it, and it makes me so proud!

See the girl in the blue, next to my mom?  That's my lifelong friend, Heidi.  Her family came to watch the band with us.  It was so much fun sharing this day with them.  They were in town because later that night, her son, Payton (gray shirt and blue hat) would be performing for a tailgate event on campus.  You might want to remember his name...Payton Smith...I have a feeling you will be hearing him on the country music charts before long!

See the guy in the white shirt?  That is Daniel Wendt, this year's drum major.  He was drum major at Bryce's high school a few years ago and is an all around amazing guy!  You might want to remember his name because I have a feeling he will end up being president one day...if we are lucky!!!

See that boy in the white shirt and gray sunglasses?  He's a cutie and maybe the nicest guy you could meet.  He's the apple of his mama's eye and I know he is going to do big things one day!!

How about these 2 cuties?  You have seen me post about them before.  The one with the sunglasses is Zachary, the other one is Caleb.  I walked through Zach's illness with Heidi when he was 8 months old....and the recovery for years after.  I held Caleb in the hospital right after he was born...Heidi's 3rd boy.  He has the biggest heart ever!  When I tell you that Gracie loves Zachary, I'm not exaggerating!  Heidi lives about 1 1/2 hours away from me, so we do not get to see them often.  Her love for Zach spans over months of not seeing him.  I think his differences add to her attraction to him.  In fact, about a year ago she told him that not having hands and feet made him more handsome :)  There is no way I can possibly share everything this does for my heart.  This story is so much bigger than this post.  Let's just suffice it to say that Gracie, in all of her craziness, has an amazing heart.  I think she sees and feels things in a completely different way...  She loves big.

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