Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back to School

 August 7, these four kiddos started back to school.  Braden is a junior this year.

Cade is a freshman.

 I am beyond excited that Cade can ride to school with Braden this year!  Definitely makes my life easier!  These two are just about the exact same size.  They are both measuring 6'1"!
The girls' story is a little more confusing.  These two started 2nd grade at the elementary school all my kiddos have gone to.  We love our school and have become a fixture there.  Bryce started there 14 years ago!! 

However, things have changed at our house in 14 years!  Our schedule around here is crazy and fitting everything in was very trying last year.  In fact, the girls did not take dance last year because I just couldn't fit it all in.  Add on top of that my Gracie, who takes a little more time to learn.  We had someone tutor her after school last year, which helped incredibly, but added to the crazy.  I say all that to say this...we changed our plan. 
Come to find out, one of my favorite teachers retired last year.  She decided she would like to homeschool a couple of cute girls in the mornings!  I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  This is a game changer for us!  Not only will Gracie be getting the one on one that she needs, and Wesleigh will be challenged and stretched, but our schedule opens up incredibly!  They will school until noon and then we can do our violin, dance and boys' baseball in the afternoon.  I have stressed over the decision, but I am thrilled.  Today was their first day and I cannot wait to go pick them up and hear all about it! 
No more uniforms!  (and we can wear our hair down because they won't get lice! lol...)

These three are going to have a great year!  Lauren was Cade's teacher in 2nd and 3rd grade!!

Here's to a great school year for all the kiddos!!


Kristi said...

I want my girls to still dress like that! What a great opportunity for your girls and your family. You will have so many great opportunities with your newly-open schedule!

Leggio said...

So So Fun!!!!!! I am sure the girls will have a blast. And I have to say Homeschooling is very freeing!!!!! Leaves afternoons open!!!! Happy New School Year.

Melissa said...

Very neat solution and a perfect example of why I "never say never" about any form of schooling for my kiddos. They are all so unique with unique strengths and challenges and what works one year for one kid might not for another. I hope y'all have a great school year!

Mia said...

Love the change to home schooling for the girls. Here in Germany kids their age only have school until 1.30 (at the latest, many times schools end much earlier) and I always wondered, how American Kids can handle these long school days at such an young age!

Dawn said...

Here is to a great school year!!!
If you don't mind me asking--where did you get the girls outfits? Would love to know! They are adorable!!


quilt'n-mama said...

The girls have grown so much!
Thought of you often when I was in Changsha & Guangzhou in May getting our little man! Good memories from 4 years ago (BTW, Happy Family day a little late Gracie!)

Shay Ankerich said...

Such a wonderful choice!!! I know they will love it!!!! Enjoy your time!!! ❤️

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Hope they have a great year! Love the girls outfits!

Sara said...

I'm So excited that you are blogging again! Your girls are as darling as ever! I have two daughters from China that are close to your girls age, along with two big boys and a grown up daughter, and have read your blog for years. Even though we have never met, seeing your blog feels like catching up with an old friend since we have so much in commomon. I always felt like we would be friends if we ever met :)

Elizabeth said...

Aw, I've been following your blog for years and can't believe how big your kiddos are! I have an almost seven year old little girl too and they are definitely a lot of fun! Thanks for the update!

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