Friday, January 10, 2014

A Special Visit

For whatever reason, our school board decided the kiddos should be out of school 3 weeks for Christmas! I know one thing for sure...whoever made up the schedule does NOT have small children at home!! In all honesty, we have enjoyed our break. The girls have been ready to go back to school since the day after Christmas, but they have been very good. We have seen Frozen 3 times. I don't think we can go back to the theater again because Gracie already knows the songs and sings as loud as she can. I'm sure others don't appreciate it very much ;) They have played school, doctor, princess, bride, pet shop, birthday party, and dance class. I am so thankful that they play so well together!

 One fun thing this extra week allowed us to do is visit the girls' preschool class from last year. We spent the morning there yesterday. The girls thoroughly enjoyed being back in their classroom with their teacher. The weather warmed up just in time for them to get to play outside with their new friends. It was perfect!

Wesleigh is explaining that her kindergarten classroom is right next door to Gracie's :)
 Jan 2014-5988

That amazing preschool music class :)
Jan 2014-6001

And the playground.  They were just a little excited :)
Jan 2014-6038

Jan 2014-6054edit

Jan 2014-6050edit

Our friend, Sara, who came home from India last summer is in this class. We loved spending some time with her!
 Jan 2014-6028edit

 Wesleigh turns 6 in Feb, Sara turns 6 in March and Gracie turns 6 in April :) She's a peanut!! photo (77)

Jan 2014-6060edit

Jan 2014-6055edit

Jan 2014-6024edit

And with that...our Christmas break is over.  I can't believe that we already half-way through the school year!  Bryce has one more semester of high school!!  Time definitely flies!!  I'd better get with it.  I have ALOT to do before May!!!!


Shay Ankerich said...

Such a sweet time to go back and visit past teachers. Girls are adorable!!!! Happy new year!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! So jealous I missed them. Sounds like y'all had an awesome Christmas and a fun new year. The girls look SO big! Please tell them I said hello and I miss them dearly. Take care! Love, Ms. Dupuy

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