Friday, September 6, 2013

Three Weeks Into Kindergarten

The girls have been in school three whole weeks already.  They are still loving it and so am I!!  I have been able to actually get the house semi cleaned up every single day!  Of course, it looks like a train went through it as soon as everyone gets home, but I am happy that I'm able to enjoy it for a few hours each day :)  Of course, there have been a few funny moments provided by my girls:

*Wesleigh notices everything.  She was relaying a conversation between Gracie and Gracie's teacher last week.  Gracie was crying because she needed to go to the bathroom.  When Wesleigh tells the story she changes her voice to a sweet, soft voice to tell me what the teacher said.  I about died because G's teacher does have the sweetest little voice.  (btw...of course they let her go to the potty).  She also has a dead-on imitation of her own teacher when she's angry. :)

*Gracie got fussed at by W's teacher because she came bee-bopping into school without her backpack and lunchbox.  When asked where they were she said, "Wesleigh has them".  The teacher looked to see W panting and struggling to get through the door with 2 lunchboxes and 2 backpacks.  I asked Gracie why she told W to carry her things.  Her answer:  "It's too heavy"!  lol...

*Gracie brings her lunch everyday because she is still pretty picky.  Anything with rice or noodles, we're pretty good but other than way.  The other day, the cafeteria served gumbo.  Gumbo is one of Gracie's favorites.  The teacher looked down to see Gracie with her neighbor's bowl of gumbo in front of her.  She was eating as fast as she could :)  I got a note asking me to explain to Gracie that we don't eat other's food :)

*Gracie told the bus driver the other day "You have a whistle and need to use it!  These people are too loud.  They're hurting my ears!".

I have the feeling that these two are the talk of the school.  Every teacher knows them and talks to them.  Of course, Wesleigh is worried that they're going to get her in trouble :)  I'm pretty sure Gracie doesn't mind :)

*Both girls have come home with smiley faces each day!  There have been no behavior problems, even with my extra joyful little one!!  Whoo Hoo!!!

*They both sleep during naptime most of the time.  I am shocked that Wesleigh will fall asleep!

*Wesleigh has a loose tooth!!!  I am not very happy about it!!  She has the cutest little bottom teeth that turn in.  She had those little crooked teeth the first time we met her.  I love them!  I'm pretty sure they're crooked because she used to suck on that finger.  I don't want her to loose that cute little tooth!!  Is that silly?  Probably....I don't care.  I have no problem sending her on a school bus, but I'll get super upset about losing baby teeth...  I never promised I made any sense!!  :)
I don't know if you can see it or not :(

She's such a rule follower that I told her not to wiggle it and she has not!  even though she's so excited!  I have family pics scheduled for Sept. 21 and would really like for that tooth to still be in!!!!!!!!!!!

The boys are doing great.  Homecoming for all 3 is coming pretty soon.  None of them have girlfriends at the moment, so I'm not sure what that will look like :)

I have been super busy helping Bryce apply to different colleges and scholarships.  He wants to go into the NROTC program and major in aerospace engineering.  The major is new within the past couple of weeks, but he is so excited about it.  We are hoping he will receive the NROTC scholarship, and have been working very hard on it.  I go between college applications to learning to write your letters with kindergarten!  Crazy sometimes!  High school football starts tonight!  Can't wait to see Bryce and the band perform at halftime!!

Braden just had a birthday, and being the slacker mom....I didn't write a post.  I will try to make that up soon!!  He is all about hunting season this fall and is about to start cranking up for baseball again too.

Cade is crazy as always.  Between the selfies and all the pics of him with cheerleaders from all the football games, his life right now is well documented on instagram!  He literally has the girls swooning after him to take pics after every football game.  He absolutely loves every second of it!

Here is a self portrait he did in English using adjectives:

I'm happy to see he doesn't have any self image issues :)  lol...

We are still enjoying the pool here.  The girls still love every second!
(You can see her bottom teeth here!!)

And finally...had to add this pic of sleeping beauty!  She snuggled up with her stuffed animals and fell right to sleep.  So sweet!

I promise to post again soon!!!!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

So happy the school year is going well so far!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

The sexy hair is hilarious!

And on the off chance you end up this way looking at RPI for school (I believe they have both ROTC and aero), I'd love to meet up for coffee.


Lauren McGowan said...

Just gotta love that Cade!

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