Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Bed?

OK, here's my dilemma...what kind of bed do I need to get? Wesleigh will be 2 in Feb., right around the time we should be going to get her. I'm assuming she will be in a crib in the orphanage. Do I get a crib? Do I get a big bed? I have a full size bed in her room right now. It was my great grandmother's and I used it when I was young, but it takes up alot of room in there. I would rather have a twin size bed in the room, so we have plenty of room. I'm wondering, though, if I'm going to need the bigger bed. Will I be sleeping in there too? I'm hoping not, but if I am...I'd rather be able to fit in the bed ;)
All of you BTDT a girl out!


Christy said...

Mia has a crib (that I am planning on getting her out of by christmas) that turns into a full bed head and foot board. It is really pretty and I cant wait to see it in a bed form. I would think that if she is use to a crib then I would keep her in a crib - at least for now. Too many things are going to change for her so maybe keeping that the same will be helpful. I would not take the full bed out - keep it beucase you may be sleeping with her so I would keep it in her room and then just get a crib that will turn into a full bed. Just my opinion. When can we see her picture?????? I want to see her little face!!


Denise said...

I had a crib and a twin bed in Maggie's room. And I did sleep in the bed a lot those first months. It helped her feel better that I was there and I didn't have to sleep with her, which to me starts a bigger problem. You can ease her to the big bed in a few months...does a friend have one you can borrow? Maybe you could switch out the full for a twin for now and then put the full back in when she is older or when the crib is no longer needed.

Hope this helps. Denise

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I put Olivia in a twin bed, however, she was sleeping with her foster mother and was not in a crib. My opinion is to go with a crib. I agree that keeping things as close to the same as possible is best. You won't know until you get home how she is going to do with sleeping. You may even need to get a toddler bed and keep it in your room if she can't sleep by herself.
It's a tough decision to make while waiting!


DiJo said...

Ruby is still in hers, and we are just now shopping for beds!!
If she is not a climber, you can contain her when you need to for naps, etc.... I will be honest, I put in my floor time in that first year, but it was worth it... :) Ruby has gone through all phases in that crib. She can totally get out, but in this phase, she chooses to stay in!!
Crib/Toddler Bed is a great option!!!!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Well, Mya was in a crib in China, but FREAKED out over the crib in our hotel room.. But she was a year older than Wesleigh. I like Denise's idea of a crib and a twin. There is no doubt she is coming from a crib and will feel comfortable and safe in there. BUT, it stinks to spend the $$$ when she won't be in there for much longer than a year. I'd try to borrow one for the transition time in Wesleigh's life. And then yes, you can sleep in the other bed if you need to ;) -

redmaryjanes said...

I would put her in a crib that can transition into a youth bed. My children were still in cribs at two. Sophia came home at almost four and had never slept in a bed. She must have slept on a mat on a floor. She constantly fell out of her toddler bed even though it had side rails, she wriggled in her sleep until she would slip out of the exposed part on the side and end up on the floor. She is in a twin bed now, but she still has side rails.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any advice, but I've been reading your blog for a long time and am SO EXCITED for y'all!!!

Keisha said...

We used a crib. Faith was 20mths. old. The crib was Great! She loved it. Then after a year.. we bought a twin bed.. SHE was SO excited about her "big girl" bed. ??? If you could borrow a baby bed..?? or buy an inexpensive one.. that would be the best thing.. because she won't be in it long!
THIS is SO exciting!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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