Friday, August 7, 2009

My Baby Is a Teenager!!!!

And on the first day of school, no less! I can't believe he is already 13! Seems like just yesterday... I am so prould of the person he is becoming. He is excited about this school year, especially since it's his last year of jr. high, so I am hoping it will be a great one!!
They all started school today. My body is in shock from getting up so early, and the house is SO quiet. I will have to get used to this again. Shouldn't take too long ;)

Braden's first day of 5th grade, Cade's first day of 3rd grade!

(They wear the exact same size in clothes. Cade is just a little shorter, but weighs more ;)


Gail said...

The time goes so fast doesn't it? Your boys are so handsome! Happy bday to your son. :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

ok.. is Cade the tallest one in his class.. cause he is sure going to outgrow his brother...
LOVE the photos.
they are all 3 sooo handsome..
soak it up Mom.. cause it goes by fast.. I use to hear this all the time.. but now that my baby is gone.. it is soooo surreal..
Have a great day..
I am not good with quiet.. so Monday will be rough for me too.. but I go back to work so that will help..

Deanna said...

They all look so handsome. It's something seeing Braden and Cade next to each other and how close they are in size. Enjoy your quiet day, I have a few more weeks left! We'll call Bryce later, I forgot to put his present in the mail, big surprise, but tell him we haven't forgotten him. He'll get it!!

sara said...

They are getting so so big! Such handsome young men! We were contemplating trading in our 2004 Ford Taurus (I know, I know, we are flashy people) and I mentioned to the hubs that we might want to hold onto to it because in Iowa kids can drive when they are FOURTEEN...hard to believe I am already thinking about cards for our kids! Yikes!

Stephanie said...

No way...I can't believe that they started school today. Amazing!!!! We start on the 19th and I am soooo ready.

Happy Birthday!

Keisha said...

Oh MY WORD.. the mother of a teenager.. You must have had him when you were 12 right?! He's so handsome!
The big change I see is in Cade.. look at him.. He has really grown up!!

teenager said...

Time really flies. He looks very handsome and he has all life ahead of him

Mission To Macie said...

that's some cute fellas you got there! happy bday Bryce!

your gonna blink and that teen is gonna be a junior in high school..........booooohoooo! :(
it's just going by too fast!

3 Peanuts said...

They all look SO handsome. Hope you had fun at the beach!!!! I am SO JEALOUS that you have long quiet days to yourself...I am DYING for just one:)

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