Thursday, July 23, 2009

Braden's idea of Heaven

Braden is in hog heaven in this picture. He is a watermelon freak! He begged me to cut up this half of the watermelon all afternoon, and finally when he got frustrated, he asked if he could go out and eat it with a spoon. So here he is, eating to his heart's content. He did admit, a little while ago, that his stomach is upset from so much watermelon. Don't even think that will stop him from going out there again later. ;)
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Stephanie said...

Watermelon is the best!!!! What a cool pic...bless his heart!

Heather said...

Braden & his watermelon brought back so many memories for us. When in China adopting Zoe, she would make the funniest face when we would even show her watermelon. To this day, she wants nothing to do with it. (Which is ashame because I have the best recipe for Watermelon Salsa.) Tell Braden to enjoy every last bite of it!

Keisha said...

Watermelon is Faith's FAVORITE thing in the world!!!! ;) If she were there... she would be right there with Braden with her toddler spoon! TEE HEE!!!

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