Saturday, December 6, 2008

One Down, One to Go!

Last night was the best party ever! We had almost 100 people here (over 50 were kids). Everyone seemed to really have a great time. When Santa came in, the mayhem was overwhelming, but so cute. The kids just went crazy. Here are a few pictures of the night:

Santa makes his big arrival

His helper brings in the loot.

Look at all the kids! Parents and kids alike were so excited.

Santa starts handing out gifts.

Braden was so cute.

Three cutie bugs. The elf hats were for the older kids who were helping with the crafts for the kids, but Cade snagged one. I think they're adorable.

Richard and I had to get a pic too. The boys were long gone.

My nephew, Rylan, was Santa's biggest fan. If it had only been him here, it would have been worth all the work. He was just in love with Santa.

Me and that adorable boy

The afterparty. Some of our guests stayed late. Here is a group of the kids. All boys, but one little girl. That is my life!

That was truly a magical night. It was so much fun to have all our family and friends at our house and to see how excited all the kids were. It will be one of my best Christmas memories. I think it might turn into a tradition.

So, here we go again. Richard's company party is at the house tonight. We're vacuuming floors and washing platters, and will set it all up again. It will be nice, but I know it won't beat last night.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a party!! Looked like everyone had a great time....that would be such a wonderful tradition!!

You were so smart to have the parties back to back.....have fun tonight!!

The house looks beautiful as always!!


Little Rylan Cooper said...

We had so much fun! Rylan loves Santa so much. Can you believe that Santa came on the fire truck this morning I ripped him out of bed and ran out in our pajamas to wave to Santa one more time. This is what I have waited my whole life for! We are off to see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. See ya soon! Love ya

DiJo said...

Your precious nephew is just yummy!!!! I could only wish Ruby will get that close to the Big Red Guy! We shall see tomorrow! Jenn, it looks like it was a wonderful party. You looked so cute too!!!!

Blessings for round 2! If I were close, I would offer to wash platters!


3 Peanuts said...

That looks like a fabulous party! Your little nephew is adorable. I hope tonight goes just as well! After that my friend, you need a hot bath and a relaxing SUnday....maybe a pedicure. Take care of your self before you start your new job!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
I think you need to hold a bloggerbash..
Have a Great party tonight..
Love the boys with Santa..
Hugs girly..

sara said...

I could just eat Rylan up, he is so stinkin cute!! Isn't Santa the funnest? (way cooler than parents!!) What a great party, you guys know how to have a good time!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Wow! Looks like everyone had so much fun! The kids look great. Pictures turned out good too. :)

Dawn said...

Sounds like a GREAT party...Your nephew is sooo cute. I am anxious to see if Lucy sits on Santa's lap...she sure likes looking at him!

Carey said...

Looks like a great time! I don't know how you do it! All those poeple, wow. Wonderful.

Hey, take a road trip up here some time and we'll show you some snow. There's not right at the moment, but I'll keep you posted. =)

mommy24treasures said...

oh I love seeing the party. That is smart to have them back to back I think.

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