Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun Times

The boys and I started out this beach trip with some friends. We crammed into their condo with them, and had a great time. Richard didn't come with us because he needed to be at the office. By the time he was able to come, we had been apart 7 days, and I had moved on to a beach house that my whole famiy enjoyed for a week. We spent a couple of days together there, and then he left to take Bryce to Space Camp. I usually make this trip with him every year because I love to pick Bryce up, but it just wasn't possible. I also have a couple of new blogger friends that I really wanted to try to meet in Huntsville this year, but I couldn't work it all out :( As Richard left for Space Camp, the other boys and I left for home. We were really ready to get there, but it was another week without Dad, so it was hard. Poor Bryce enjoyed camp this year, but he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep in his own bed. I am happy to have my whole family back together again and enjoy some "down" time. (Whatever that means!) I have been collecting school supplies and uniforms because school is just around the corner. They start so soon, but we get out around May 20th which is earlier than alot of people. I kind of like it because it is so hot here that it's hard to do anything outside during the day. This way, they can enjoy the cooler weather in May and school through the heat of August.

Here are a few pictures from our trips. The highlight was probably finding all the starfish. In all the years we have gone to the beach, I have never seen a live starfish. This year, they were all over the place. We had alot of fun catching (and releasing) them. I had one child who wanted to keep every single one of them, one who didn't want to "kill" any of them, and one who couldn't care less about any of it. We compromised and brought a few home, but threw the majority back.
I didn't take many pictures this year. One reason is that I already had a big photo session on the beach during the last trip. The other is that I just wasn't in the mood to chase the kids around with the camera. Oh well.

Good friends

The boys loved catching the starfish. They were really cool.

My parents with all the grandkids.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun...
LOVE the pictures...
I have never seen a starfish... they are really neat looking..
LOVE them..
My kids start beginning of Aug..
Back to the daily grind..
Have a Great Week...

Nancy said...

We start school the second week in August. I have a desktop upstairs filled with supplies I have already found on sale.

When we went to the Oregon Coast, seastars were EVERYWHERE. It was really cool. Plus, no Jellyfish. It's too cold for them there.

Aaron and Erica said...

I'm so sad that you weren't able to make it to Huntsville this year! We'll have to plan on it for next year I guess :) I'm glad you are posting again...I was missing reading your posts. I've never seen a live starfish either - how neat!

Your friend,


OH MY #6 said...

great to hear from you. Enjoy your what time is left. Thank you, for your kind comment.

Your school year ends so early compared to us.


LaLa said...

So good to see you!! Love all the pics : ) School starts way too soon ~ I miss Annslee already!

redmaryjanes said...

It looks like a great trip. My favorite photo is with the grandparents and the grandchildren. I have been taking advantage of the summer clearance sales and stocking up a little for Sophia.
My oldest 2 sons return tonight from a week long mountain biking trip in North Carolina. I'm ready for things to quiet down too, but we leave for Kansas City at the end of August for a week : )

sara said...

The starfish pictures are really cool.....that would have been the highlight of my trip (well....maybe except for space camp - which sounds AWESOME!)

Chris and Deb said...

What a fun summer you all have been having! So glad you are back! :)klv

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