Saturday, March 17, 2007

In Case You Wondered

In case you were wondering where the title "Baseballs to Bows" came from, I'm about to give you a peek at what close to half of our year consists of. Braden kicked off baseball season for our family. All the boys have been practicing for a while, but today marked our first games. We were at the ballpark from 9:00 to 1:30. There is no place Braden would rather be. Actually, it's at the top of my list too! It was the perfect day for some baseball.
Braden loves baseball so much that he gets VERY upset anytime he makes a mistake. If he gets out, he comes back to the dugout with tears streaming down his face. It is so pitiful. He just wants to be the "hero" so badly that he can't hide his disappointment when something doesn't go quite right. As hard as it is to watch, it's that love of the game that makes him so good, and makes it SO much fun to watch when things go good.
So, there is the motivation for the first half of the name. The second half won't be here for quite some time. China baby promises to bring some much needed pink and many new bows into this family, but we sure hope she likes baseball as well!!!!

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