Friday, February 21, 2014

Finally....A Real Birthday Party!

I have been so lazy in my posting.  I have lots of excuses, but none of them matter.  I will be so mad at myself if I let things get so far behind that I can't remember what has happened!  If I don't write things here, there is no hope...they will be gone forever!
I have lots of exciting and funny things to share in the next few days :)
My first post, however, has to be Miss Wesleigh's birthday party.  For whatever reason, she has never had a "friend" birthday party.  This year, she finally got this wish.  She has been excited for weeks!
Her party was at the gym that they took gymnastics last year.  Everyone had a great time.

This is Sara.  You might remember that Sara came home from India last summer.  I was so proud of her for being so brave!

Of course, the theme was "Frozen"...what else could it possibly be?

This is my favorite shot.  She was so excited for her friends to sing Happy Birthday to her!


Gracie was happy to model all of Wesleigh's presents.

Such a fun day!  All her brothers were there to help her celebrate...and we get to do it all over again in a couple of months for Gracie :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today is Your Birthday!!

Wesleigh has been counting down the days to her birthday for months!  She was so excited last night, I'm surprised she fell asleep.   She is finally 6!!

Richard is stuck in S. Carolina because of the snow, so we facetime'd him this morning.  We all went in their bedroom and woke Wesleigh up singing "Happy Birthday".  She was thrilled!

Feb 2014-7309 Feb 2014-7310

Talking to Daddy on the Ipad :) Feb 2014-7311

She is having a birthday party Saturday, but I had a gift for her to open this morning.
Feb 2014-7314

Of course, it was something Frozen...but I was so lucky to find it!
Feb 2014-7318

Such a sweetie pic!
Feb 2014-7320

She's sharing Olaf cupcakes with her class today....SO excited!
Feb 2014-7322

Aren't the adorable?  NO...I did NOT make these!
Feb 2014-7325

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Icemageden 2014

Boy...the days just seem to fly by faster and faster.  I start each day with so many lofty goals and expectations and end each day, falling into bed...usually not accomplishing half of what I wanted to.  Such is the life of every mom I know.  And for those moms who do actually have it all together and don't share this same reality...I am not your friend anymore :)

Like most of the country, we have had some crazy weather down here in the south!  The kiddos have missed a total of 4 days due to icemageden 2014.  We were hoping to get some snow, but we had to settle for alot of ice.

The girls didn't seem to mind :)

Jan 2014-6899

Jan 2014-6902

Jan 2014-6904

Jan 2014-6905

photo (91)

Thank goodness for the trampoline!
Jan 2014-6909

Jan 2014-6912

Jan 2014-6918

Jan 2014-6919

Jan 2014-6923

Jan 2014-6927

Jan 2014-6931

...and the golf course :)
photo (85)

Warming up
Jan 2014-6939

The aftermath...not sure how all you northerners do this for months!!!!
Jan 2014-6940

Speaking of messes...I ended up with 5 extra teenagers for two nights.  I finally stopped feeding them and they eventually went home :)
photo (87)

photo (83)

photo (88)

Watching Mr. Incredible with the girls.  These boys might be big, but they're still little boys at them!
photo (90)

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