Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today is Your Birthday!!

Wesleigh has been counting down the days to her birthday for months!  She was so excited last night, I'm surprised she fell asleep.   She is finally 6!!

Richard is stuck in S. Carolina because of the snow, so we facetime'd him this morning.  We all went in their bedroom and woke Wesleigh up singing "Happy Birthday".  She was thrilled!

Feb 2014-7309 Feb 2014-7310

Talking to Daddy on the Ipad :) Feb 2014-7311

She is having a birthday party Saturday, but I had a gift for her to open this morning.
Feb 2014-7314

Of course, it was something Frozen...but I was so lucky to find it!
Feb 2014-7318

Such a sweetie pic!
Feb 2014-7320

She's sharing Olaf cupcakes with her class today....SO excited!
Feb 2014-7322

Aren't the adorable?  NO...I did NOT make these!
Feb 2014-7325


Leggio said...

Happy Birthday Wesleigh!!!!! I can't believe she is 6. Time goes by so fast. I remember following your story when we started the adoption process in the summer of 2011. I hope you have a Happy Day sweet girl. Much Love from Texas.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Wesleigh! Those cupcakes are adorable!

Paige said...

Love her pics...nothing like it is there?? She is too precious for words!!! Hugs and kisses on your bday Wesleigh Jane!!!

Martha Berry said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Can't believe she's 6 already!

Stacy said...

Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Wesleigh!!!

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