Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa Comes to Town

I have been throwing this party for years now.  It started out as a huge bash in the evening with tons of kids, food and presents.  Over the years, it has progressed into donuts on a Saturday morning, but it continues to be such a fun and special time spent with family and friends.  My favorite thing, of course, is capturing the magic that presents itself when Santa walks in.  We love Santa and he always does such an amazing job at making each child feel special.  Here are some of my favorites from the day:

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Jennifer said...

Love, Love, Love reading your blog so please keep it going!!!! No, I too understand how hard it is to blog with a crazy, busy life. I just wanted to encourage you to continue it because it does my soul good to hear about other mom's journeys and life stories. By the way, I know you and Di (First a pearl...) are close friends outside the blogging world, I wanted to make sure she is okay? I started following her blog years ago, that's how I found your blog, and she hasn't posted in months just want to make sure she is okay? Blessings!

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