Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baseball Season Once Again...My Happy Place

Here in the south, baseball is in full swing!  I am happy!!  Braden is on the high school freshman team this year, and Saturday I watched his first high school game.  I'm so proud of him.  He is a great baseball player, but more than that, he's a great leader.  I really see him stepping up to be a leader on that team, and that makes me very happy.

Look at him...all grown up :)  So hard to believe! 

Cade played this weekend also, but he was in a different city so I didn't get to see him.  No worries, he's playing on two different teams this year!  I'll be watching him this weekend.

In true Louisiana fashion, we watched in our flip flops Saturday, but froze yesterday.  That's why my trusty heater and blanket is always in the car!!

(Note the flip flop bag sitting next to the heater...come on spring!!)

BTW...just in case you are wondering, baseball season means laundry season!  Why am I shocked every year at the amount of laundry that comes my way in baseball season??  Oh well...it's worth it!

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Anonymous said...

You are going to be a fantastic newborn photographer! Baseball season is a couple weeks away her in the PNW but I would love to know how you like your Mr.Heater Portable Buddy. Here in the PNW it's cold 10 months out of the year, freezing during both baseball and football season so this year I would like to purchase a potable heater for those awful cold games.

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