Wednesday, July 7, 2010

5 Months Home


What a whirlwind these past few months have been. I know I say it all the time, but I can't believe we've already been home 5 months. Then I look at pictures of Wesleigh, then and now, and I can't believe it's only been 5 months! The change is absolutely amazing. I think her looks have changed so much because her hair grows so fast. This girl has already had 2 haircuts!! Of course, I'm thrilled about it! She continues to change so fast and her personality keeps getting bigger and bigger.
She is hysterical.

The girl never stays still. Well... there are a few minutes right after she wakes up that she is still. Other than that, she's on the move. Even when she's on my lap, she's in constant movement.

She still likes to collect things in various bags. She'll use her purses, a gift bag, or a paper shopping bag. Right now, she has several of them going. Here are a couple of pictures so you can see the crazy stuff she puts in them!



She not only poses for pictures, she runs to get in them when she sees the camera come out. If I'm taking a picture of one of the boys, she runs over, puts her arm around him, and smiles for the camera. Of course, no one seems to mind.

She seems to have appropriate reactions to strangers. At my dad's retirement party, there were lots of people who couldn't wait to meet her. She was very leary of the strangers and clung to me, but was very willing to go to my parents. I was encouraged by this, because it was exactly how most other 2 year olds would have reacted.

Her language has exploded. She and I are going round and round because she keeps pointing her finger at me and saying, "no no". Hmmm.... Hopefully, we can get a handle on that soon ;) Other than that, everything she says is adorable. Right now, "Cade" (Cae), seems to be her favorite name to say. She calls for him all the time and says, "Go Cade" through a megaphone. Bryce and Braden try to get her to switch names, but she won't. She totally knows that it gets them.

She points her finger at me and says, "no no". Hmmm....

She goes under water in the pool when she jumps in and loves it! I'm so excited that she loves the water.

Either she's grown and can reach more on the countertops, or she's figured out that's where all the "good stuff" is. She grabs stuff faster than I can move it back.

She asks for kisses, hugs and high fives often.

She still falls and busts her lip, but not as often. I think her legs still aren't as strong as they should be. Her left leg especially is a little weak. She is so much stronger than she was when we brought her home.

She will grab a hand (anyone's), pull them to her room and say "pay". She wants you to sit at her table and play tea party.

She is still a little peanut. My scale says she weighs 25 lbs. With her hair getting longer, she looks so much older. I think that makes her look even smaller.

Richard was out of town for a few days last week. When he got home, she totally melted. She was so excited to see him and just stared at him with that little grin. SO cute!
This little girl is amazing. I can't even imagine life without her. She definitely keeps us on our toes!!


Football & Fried Rice said...

Happy 5 months home!! I think Wesleigh has grown so much - her smile keeps getting bigger! She sure IS a peanut - I'll bet her legs just keep getting stronger & I can't believe how fast her hair grows!

The "sacks of junk" is hilarious and I can totally relate - ours is in every purse, every box, every back pack - everything from beads, to lego guys, to old batteries - our Mya is a "collector" too ;)

Kim said...

Happy 5 months..
I am sooo happy for you guys..
Wesleigh is totally adorable..
love seeing her grow and change ..
Love ya my friend..
have a great week.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Happy 5 months!! Love Love that outfit on her!!! Her little bags are so cute, Ava still does that too. She does not stop either unless she is sleeping! ha

Nice catching up on your blog!!!

Stephanie said...

She's absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allie does the same thing with throwing stuff into bags - she will put it all in her shopping cart :)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

she sounds like quite the character! And, it sounds like she is loved to pieces.



She looks so much taller and older in this picture than the pictures I took the first day you got her. She is skinny. Hannah weighs a whopping 28lbs(porker), which is a killer on my bad back and neck. She too loves the pool and jumps in to us. I so wish we lived closer to each other.

Dawn said...

WOW 5 months already???
I love readiing is as if I could have written it myself :)
I remembering "emailing" and talking about "stuff" with you, and I couldn't wait for you to experience this all for is a blessing beyond all measure!

Sharon said...

So, so precious!! Just going through all the posts I 've missed, you are so very blessed and I loveseeing it!!

DiJo said...

So hard to believe that Precious Tea Cup has been home 5 months!!!!
It is amazing what Love can do!!!!

See you soon!!!


Deanna said...

Dreamed about her last night, so blessed to receive updates like this from far away. Can't wait to see all of you!!!

Julie said...

What a darling little treasure! Happy 5 months home!

snekcip said...

5MOS!! NO WAY!!! 5 mos of pure joy too!! I had to laugh at the "shopping bag" contents! My grandson who is 21mos old loves carrying bags around too! He left on Monday (heading home to Dallas) and I just found my high heel *that I looked high and low for just yesterday*! It was in the bag along w/other things (combs, a brush, several of Bree's barrettes, a toothbrush and several socks)! My personal little packrat!!

Sunny said...

Hello Jennifer!
Happy 5 months home! Wesleigh gets even more beautiful with each passing day! We met you and your family in China and your blog updates always make me smile. ;-D

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