Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve

I thought I'd post pictures from our Christmas with Richard's parents and Christmas Eve before I tackle our Christmas Day pics.

Richard's parents came the weekend before Christmas to spend some time with us. Grandpa built the boys this rack to hang their trophy bats and balls on. Of course, it's purple and gold!

Cade is savoring his first gift of Christmas.

Richard's parents had these walking sticks made for the boys. They are really cool and the boys LOVE them. They have baseballs carved in them along with their names, baseball bats, lightning bolts, etc.

And, of course, this is what they do with them!

My parents and brother's family came over Christmas Eve. We had the traditional seafood gumbo for dinner and then opened presents.

My parents and the grandkids.

Richard, me and the boys

Joel, Jennifer, Rylan and Auden
Cade made everyone drawings for Christmas. This was for Aunt Jennifer. It's a drawing of their Christmas card.

He drew one for Maw Maw and PawPaw. PawPaw has his arm around MawMaw and has a gift that says "I love you" in his hand for her. So sweet!!

He got this scooter and was so happy. You can see Rylan in the background. He got a scooter too. They rode around the living room all night!

Cade enjoyed opening Wesleigh's presents.

Something tells me she'll be able to get him to do anything she wants ;)

Braden got a new bike. (His old one got ran over by Richard's truck ;)
Bryce helping Rylan.

Cade made sure he put out cookies for Santa.
He wrote this note for him...To cute!

Of course, he had to draw a picture for Santa too. I think he did a great job.

I'll post pics of Christmas Day next.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Waiting...

I haven't felt like blogging the past few days. I've been a nervous wreck because we still don't have our TA, and the window to be able to leave on the 14th is closing. I am calm today, though. I woke up with Phil. 4:6 on the brain:
"For nothing be anxious, but in everything with prayer and supplication, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God that passes all understanding will guide your hearts and minds."
I even go0gled "supplication" just to make sure it wasn't something else I should be doing ;). I know it will work out, and sitting around getting fat off chocolate wouldn't do any of us any good!!
So...what have I done today:
painted 2 coats of paint on the dresser for Wesleigh's room
cleaned the wood floors (HUGE job that I hate!!)
cleaned my closet (another HUGE job I hate!!)
kept from strangling my children ;) (I've been a little on edge lately, and they've been home a LONG time now)
got my laptop to the "computer guy" so he could fix it up before our trip
All in all, it's been a productive day...filled with things I want to get done before China. Now...when the call comes, all I have to do is pack!!
Wesleigh's room is almost done. I'm waiting for a couple of things to come in (one of which is her chandelier!!), and I'll have lots of pics to share!! It is ADORABLE!!!
Keep praying...we need that TA to get here!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


The third grade had a Christmas program the last week of school. It was super cute. Cade was a dancer, and was excited for weeks about his part! He did a great job and it was alot of fun. They did the song twice, and the second time, they each chose an adult to dance with them. I was the one Cade chose. He didn't think I did such a great job, and in fact, the last picture I'm laughing because he was telling me I was doing it wrong! The little girl he was dancing with was super cute. I wanted a picture of the two of them but never got a chance.

My pictures came out horrible!! I have a Nikon D90 and don't think they should look THIS bad! It's not very good lighting...but still!! Anyone know what I need to do to do better next time?
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This southern girl is ready for freezing Beijing!!! Bring on the TA!!

Hope you all had a great, blessed day. We had a wonderful day with family. I'll post some pictures later.
Now, I'm ready to get all this Christmas stuff out of here so we can start packing for China!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!
We didn't send a card this year because I just couldn't bear to do it without Wesleigh. I'll send a card after the new year when she's home and our entire family is together.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

All I want for Christmas are 2 little letters: TA!! We're praying hard over here!! There's a plane leaving 1/14 that we need to be on!!

LOL...I'm just noticing that Mrs. Claus is holding Cade's football! Santa brought that football for Cade that night, and somehow, Mrs. Claus is holding it!! Too funny!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Monogram Fairy

I have been collecting things that I needed to take to get monogrammed and just got them back today! They are too cute not to share!! I don't know about where you live, but here in the south, everything's better with a monogram!!!
Here is her diaper bag. Is that not the most adorable thing? It's exactly what I was looking for.
a> Here is her carrier for China. I found it on ebay, but didn't think the denim was girly enough, so I had to add some pink!

Bloomers to wear under her dresses ;)

How cute is this? This little velour was about $6 on sale at Gap. She put the zebra applique and her initial.

It was hard to get a good picture of her night light. I made it!! The fabric is so adorable. In fact, my SIL is making me a blanket and a dress (both monogrammed, of course) out of the same fabric. I was so proud of myself!!

This is a hooded towel for her bathroom. Since I was in the bathroom, I figured I'd share what it looks like since I've finished the painting.

Hand towels

Since nobody will be showering in here, I decided to go with regular panels on either side of the tub. I love them!

And, here's the sink/mirror. It looks so girly in there with the pink paint and towels! I LOVE it!!

There were actually quite a few more items, but I'll have to share them later. We are making alot of little A-line dresses and each of those have a monogram. I'll post them when we're done!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


How is it possible to miss someone so badly when you have never even met?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Trying this email posting!

I'm trying to figure out how this posting through email will work.  I would like to keep using my regular blog to post while we're in China, so I'm trying to figure out the best way.  I know that blogger is blocked in China, so I'm hoping this might work.  I could also get someone else to post while we're away but if this works, I wouldn't have to ask someone to do it. 
I also thought I'd treat you to a new picture of Wesleigh!  I recieved these a few weeks ago but couldn't bring myself to share them.  Right before these were taken, she fell and cut her cheek.  She has stitches in this picture!  It just breaks my heart.  It has taken me a little while to be ok with it.  I'm waiting to hear if her care package arrived.  I'm getting a little antsy about it!! 
Come on TA!!!  The waiting is KILLING me!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas

I thought we could all use this about now ;)
Twas The Night Before Christmas...Mom Style
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the abode
Only 1 creature was stirring & she was cleaning the commode.

The children were finally sleeping, all snug in their beds,
while visions of X-Box & Barbie flipped through their heads.
Yes, and dad was snoring in front of the TV,
with a half constructed bicycle propped on his knee.

So only the mom heard the reindeer hooves clatter,
which made her sigh, "Now what is the matter?"
With toilet bowl brush still clutched in her hand,
She descended the stairs, and saw the old man.

He was covered with ashes & soot, which fell with a shrug,
"Oh great," muttered the mom, "Now I have to clean the rug."
"Ho Ho Ho!" cried Santa, I'm glad you're awake."
"your gift was especially difficult to make."

"Thanks, Santa, but all I want is time alone."
"Exactly!" he chuckled, "So, I've made you a clone
A clone?" she muttered, "What good is that?"
"Run along, Santa, I've no time for chit chat."

Then out walked the clone -
The mother's twin,
Same hair, same eyes,
same double chin.

"She'll cook, she'll dust, she'll mop every mess.
You'll relax, take it easy, watch TV and rest.
"Fantastic!" the mom cheered. "My dream has come true!"
"I'll shop, I'll read, I'll sleep a night through!"

From the room above, the youngest did fret.
"Mommy?! Come quickly,
I'm scared and I'm wet."
The clone replied, "I'm coming, sweetheart."

"Hey," the mom smiled,
"She sure knows her part."
The clone changed the child and hummed her a tune,
as she bundled the small one in a blanket cocoon.

"You're the best Mommy ever. I really love you."
The clone smiled and sighed, "And I love you too.
"The mom frowned and said,
"Sorry, Santa, no deal.That's my child's LOVE she is going to steal."

Smiling wisely, Santa said:
"To me it is clear,
Only one loving mother is needed here."
The mom kissed her child and tucked her in bed.

"Thank You, Santa, for clearing my head.
Sometimes I forget,
it won't be very long,
before they'll be too old for my cradle and song."

The clock on the mantle began to chime.
Santa whispered to the clone, "It works every time."
With the clone by his side, Santa said:
"Goodnight.Merry Christmas, dear Mom,
you'll be all right."

Sometimes we need reminding of what life is all about.
Especially at times when the Holiday season shouts,
and all we do is clean, bake, and procure.
You get the picture -- I'm sure.

So stop for a moment and hug that little one so dear,
whether he/she is 2 or 22, or even older this year.
For they are the gift that God gave us from Heaven above,
And what a special gift to be treasured, with endless LOVE!

May The Real Meaning Of Christmas Be With You All Year --

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Gifts

I recieved a couple of very sweet gifts this week. The first was this book. It is so sweet. It tells the story of a little duck who gets lost and finally finds his home "the place where he belongs". It is so adorable.

The second is this precious doll. Bryce's best friend and his mom came over and brought this gift for Wesleigh. It is adorable and SO soft! She even has a little red thread in her pocket! I'm pretty sure she will be making the trip to China!!

I've been working hard on Wesleigh's room. I was going to post pictures as I worked, but I've decided I'd rather have a big reveal! I've finished the base coat of paint and I'm now on phase two! I can tell looks SO good!!
I've also been working on travel documents for our agency. It is so exciting, but I'm ready for travel dates!!!
This week is full of kids' Christmas activities. Tomorrow, Bryce has his Christmas band concert. Wednesday, Cade has his Christmas program at school. Thursday, Braden and Cade have their school Christmas parties. Then they're all off for two weeks! I am looking forward to some sleeping in! It might be the last chance I get for a few years, so I'm going to take advantage of it!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Came!!

Our second Christmas party was last night. It was lots of fun, but I am SO glad it's behind me!! Last year, this party was an absolute blow-out. So many people, so much food, too much work! This year, I cut the guest list WAY down. The only people I invited were those that I didn't need to impress ;) We had a great time and the kids, of course, enjoyed Santa.

My niece, Auden, is so unbelievably cute!! Check out that bow!! There is a jingle bell in the center that jingled when she moved...too cute!!

Mrs. Clause came this year and read "The Night Before Christmas" to the kids. So sweet.
My nephew, Rylan, was Santa's biggest fan again this year. He sat on the sofa with Braden and was so excited.
Here he is about to get his gift from Santa. So sweet!!

The boys. Next year Wesleigh will be in this picture!!

My long-time best friend Rachel (below). Her kids are in the picture above with mine. They are great friends and love each other so much.

It was a great night. I ended up with a couple extra boys for the night, but they all had a blast. Tonight Richard and I are going on a date. It has been WAY too long since we've been able to do that, and who knows when we'll be able to do it again! I can't wait!!
So hoping our TA comes in this week! We have all our passports in and paperwork is in order. We're ready to go!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Geaux Bryce!

I've been so wrapped up with Wesleigh, I haven't posted anything about my other 3 kids! Saturday Bryce had an audition for the All Parish Honor Band. He found out today that he made 1st chair French horn!! Way to go Bryce!! We're so proud!

Bryce has been growing like a weed. He is almost as tall as me and his voice is changing. It's amazing to see him growing into a man right before my eyes.

I was very concerned with what his school would say about him missing 2 weeks to go to China. They make a big deal about not excusing any vacations, so I was prepared for a big fight. There was no way he wasn't going, though. I was so excited when I went to the school last week to schedule an appointment with the principal to discuss it. The secretary asked me what the conference was about. When I told her, she started talking about a niece who was adopted from Korea. She was so excited! In fact, she went in and talked to the principal right then. We're good to go!! I know it's going to be tough for him to miss that much school, but I really feel it's worth it. Even if his grades suffer, in the whole scope of life, what are a couple of poor grades in jr. high going to have any affect on?

Busy, Busy, Busy

First of all, I just had to share these!! Are they not the CUTEST things ever?!?! I just couldn't resist!! I can't wait to see Wesleigh in them!!

I've been busy getting all kinds of documents together for our agency so they can plan our trip!! It is all very exciting, but very overwhelming. I applied for the boys' passports the day after Thanksgiving and didn't expedite it because never in a million years did I expect our LOA to come so quickly! Since it did, I'm kind of in a pinch to get them in time to get our visas. All weekend I stressed over it, but today I was able to call the passport office and expedite them today. There is a chance they will be ready by the end of the week!! YAY!!

We had Richard's office party here Saturday. It was fine, but the best part is that it's over!! We have our Santa party Friday and I've threatened the boys that the house had better stay clean! We only invited a few families this year because I just don't have it in me to go all out. It should be alot of fun, and the boys have been looking forward to it for months!

I've started painting! Well, at least I've started the process. I started taping up the trim today and found that high ceilings are great...if you're not the one painting!!! I didn't realize how hard it would be to reach the top of the walls. I can reach it if I'm standing on the top rung of the 8 ft. ladder, but I DON'T like being up that high! In the bathroom, I can't even reach half the room because of the tub! I think I might have to let Richard take over the high parts. I've added a couple of pics that show what the room looks like today. Hopefully, it will look very different soon!

I've been asked where I found those boots. I got them at Gymboree! They have a whole leopard print line right now! Love them!! Also, the pic of the room shows a completely different color than the room really is. It is green right now! The color I'm going to paint it will look alot like this picture. Crazy how that happens.

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