Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Gifts

I recieved a couple of very sweet gifts this week. The first was this book. It is so sweet. It tells the story of a little duck who gets lost and finally finds his home "the place where he belongs". It is so adorable.

The second is this precious doll. Bryce's best friend and his mom came over and brought this gift for Wesleigh. It is adorable and SO soft! She even has a little red thread in her pocket! I'm pretty sure she will be making the trip to China!!

I've been working hard on Wesleigh's room. I was going to post pictures as I worked, but I've decided I'd rather have a big reveal! I've finished the base coat of paint and I'm now on phase two! I can tell looks SO good!!
I've also been working on travel documents for our agency. It is so exciting, but I'm ready for travel dates!!!
This week is full of kids' Christmas activities. Tomorrow, Bryce has his Christmas band concert. Wednesday, Cade has his Christmas program at school. Thursday, Braden and Cade have their school Christmas parties. Then they're all off for two weeks! I am looking forward to some sleeping in! It might be the last chance I get for a few years, so I'm going to take advantage of it!!!


DiJo said...

Precious!!! I need to know where I can get that doll! It matches the new coat! :)


Mission To Macie said...

I can't wait to sleep late too!!!!!

AND I can't wait to see that room!!!!


Stephanie said...

What a cute doll! I can't wait to see the adorable little girl holding her :)

Excited to see the room...I know it will be perfect!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Cute gifts.. love them.. Isabella has that doll...
I sooo cannot wait to see her room..
Have fun girly..
Have a great week..

Football & Fried Rice said...

I am with Diana - I'd love to get that little doll too!! Do you know where she got it? CUTE!!!!

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