Sunday, December 9, 2007

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

So I thought I'd share a few updated pictures of the house. We are SO close. This week will be another busy week, but I think we're going to be able to do it! Here are what the pictures are of:
1. The beaded board above the kitchen table. It is reclaimed from an old building. When it came, it still had turquoise paint in the grooves. I LOVE it. The guys who put it up think I'm crazy, but that's ok.
2. The copper hood with the new backsplash. What you see is a shelf that is behind the range. It can hold pretty bottles or salt shakers.
3. My copper apron sink.
4. The kitchen granite. I love it because it looks like leopard print.
5. The wood floors (they still have to be sanded and sealed).
6. My outside ceiling fans. I bought these about 6 months ago, and have been dying to see them up. I love them.
7. Cade's built-in bunk beds. They still have to be painted and some details added.
8. The LSU shower. This shower is HUGE. You can't tell by the picture, but there are three corner seats and three shower heads. It looks like a true locker room. I'll do a post on this bathroom later.
9. My kitchen. The island still needs to be painted, but it is all coming together.

We have worked so hard this weekend getting it ready for the week. I was so tired last night that I could hardly stay up to put the boys to bed, and I am very sore today! I'll post more later, but I'm off to bring Braden to a birthday party.
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mommy24treasures said...

I love it all!!!!!I remember when we moved into this house and being SO exausted and sore. Jacob and Chloe were 2.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

LOVE IT... what fun to build a house....
Can't wait for the finished pictures...
The boys bathroom and rooms are going to be very nice...

sheryl said...


I love ALL of the details, especially the reclaimed pieces. Your home is going to be so beautiful! I wish we lived closer so I could invite myself over for the grand tour and an afternoon by the pool. Our taste is very similar, I would have made all the same choices - except the LSU bathroom. :D The hubby is a die hard Gator fan and would LOVE to have his own "man room" in Gator style.


cougchick said...

What neat things! I am anxious to see more.

You are so close!!!!

Steffie B. said...

Looks gorgeous......somehow you got deleted off my side bar. ;( But you are back on girl! Have a great week!

Denise said...

Everything is beautiful...I know you are so excited to move in!

Mission to Macie said...

I just love everything about your house. I don't know how you picked it all out.......I would be crazy!
You have done an awesome job. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Jill :)

Christy said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! I am so impressed!! I WANT TO BUILD- you are making me salivate!!

Christy :)

redmaryjanes said...

Can you e-mail your name to me again, I don't have your last name and I am putting together the Christmas Card list. Thanks so much. Kimberley

Chris & Deb said...

Jennifer...your house looks so beautiful! You are going to have so much fun settling in and making it all your home! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Dawn said...

Love it all! You have amazing taste and sense of style!!

Stacey said...

Everything is gorgeous! I can't wait for the cyber tour when it is finished!!

Stacey LID 8-8-06
child's name - Jadalyn Cashion said...

I'm baaaaack. I love sand and stain floors. Love your granite, cabinets, the boys built in bunk beds....what's not to like. You guys did an awesome job. Everything is perfect! Can't wait to see it after you have put all your special touches on it.



Kimber said...

Your new home looks beautiful and boy do you deserve it my friend. Let us all know how it goes. I wish you a blessed Chrismas. Are you having the party?


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