Monday, March 30, 2009

I Know, I'm a VERY Bad Blogger!!

I KNOW...I KNOW...I'm the worst blogger in the whole world!!! Kim sent me a message telling me to get with it, so I'm going to try to get back in the swing of things. Baseball season is always busy, but with me working this year, it has gone to a whole new level! I'll start with these pictures of Bryce at a band festival. Don't they look so cute in their tuxes? I'll get a better picture of him in it next time. They won first place and sounded awesome!

I actually haven't taken many pictures of the boys playing baseball yet. Cade has been rained out of two tournaments, but we're going to try again this weekend. Actually, Braden and Cade are both playing tournaments this weekend. That means 4 baseball games on Saturday alone. Mix in a band festival for Bryce in the middle of the day (and probably baseball practice), and you've got yourself a Saturday!!

We're trying to decide if I'm going to teach next year or not. I have my teaching degree but let it expire while I was home for so many years. I am working as a "para" right now making less than half what a teacher does. That amounts to "nothing". It is hard to be there all day, but not be using my degree. My job amounts to babysitting while classes come in and out for computer lab. It's enough to drive me crazy! I can't stand sitting up there, bored to death, when there is so much at home I could be doing. I know I'm not going to be in the computer lab next year, but there's a possibility I could be in the classroom. One problem is that I will have to go back and take a couple of college classes. I don't know how I can juggle teaching, going to school, and being a mom. We're still deliberating that one.

Cade's birthday was this past weekend. We went for the easy party at Laser Tag. I'll post those pictures next.

Sorry I haven't been around. I'll try to catch up on all of you very soon!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Young Men

This weekend was a bust as far as baseball is concerned. It rained the ENTIRE weekend. I can't remember when we've had that much rain. They wouldn't go on and cancel the whole tournament, so we were constantly on hold, ready to get to the field. At one point, Braden was scheduled to have a game at 10:30pm!! I love baseball, but I don't think I would have loved it at 10:30!

We went to dinner with another baseball couple last night. Between the two families, there are 5 boys, but we only ended up with 2 for dinner. Braden and Cole are best buddies. They are little studs on our baseball team, and want to be together all the time. They decided Saturday night that they were no longer children, they should be called "young men". You should have seen the look on their faces when the server brought their drinks in plastic kids cups...too funny. Braden politely asked her if they could have big glasses :)

Of course the whole night, the adults are talking and laughing about "adult" things and the boys just looked at each other and shrugged. When we were leaving, there were these 3 girls waiting inside the door for their ride. It was raining and very cold and they were in strapless dresses and freezing. Cole said, "We should hold the door open and make them cold." Braden says, "Now that's something to laugh about."

We were dying laughing at them. Finally, they had heard something worth laughing at!

Don't grow up too quick, cuties!!

We Finally Got Our Hands on Her!!

We finally got to meet my new niece, Auden, this weekend. The boys were just as excited as I was, and took up alot of my cuddle time with her! I had to keep taking her back from them. They had to stay in her birth state for quite a while, so they haven't been home long. I couldn't get over how tiny she is. You always forget how small they are when they're brand new. (Of course, mine were NEVER really that small. I birth moose children!)
Braden was the one who really didn't want to give her up. He wanted to know how old they are when they open their eyes. How cute is that. I had to explain that babies aren't like puppies. I would take her from him and then he'd be right back wanting another turn.
Bryce ended up staying the night there, much to Rylan's delight. Rylan adores "Bice".
Cade has become quite the photographer. His love of cameras means I get to be in the pictures :) His birthday is in a few days and he has asked for a camera. I love that.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yes, Baseball is Here!!

I am the worst blogger ever. I just feel pulled in so many directions that I can hardly keep my head above water! There are only 9 more weeks of school, and I am counting down, you can be sure. You know I must be going crazy if I haven't even posted baseball pictures!!! they are. Braden's team played their first tournament of the season and did pretty well. They lost in the semi-finals but that's the way it goes.
I took this first picture before we even got to the ballpark. It was the only way to get him while his new pants were spotless. (Actually, he had already gotten dirt on one of the knees so I made him cover it up with his hand...boys!)
I love how their uniforms turned out. They looked so sharp out there. We went with the long pants this year, and they are too cute.

Here he is showing off his awesome swing. He's been working hard on his hitting, and he did awesome.
I love this picture. It's of Braden and Richard. Can you see how they are standing exactly the same? Legs, hands, everything. I love it!
Of course, he's the star catcher. He threw 3 runners out on 2nd and 1 on 3rd. For a 10 year old, that is unbelievable. You always hear people talking about our catcher. It's all I can do to not scream, "he's mine!!!"
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

You Know Baseball Has Started When...

You open your purse and this is what you see :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing Hookey

Well, I finally had enough. I couldn't bear to look at my house one more second. It was filthy! Not only that, there was absolutely nothing to eat because I never seemed to have a chance to hit old Wally world. This weekend will be spent at the baseball park, so I won't have the time to get it done then. And the fact that Thursdays are my worst day, schedule wise, made the decision that much easier. I happily spent the day in W*lmart and cleaning the house. It's hard to believe that two chores I absolutely despised just a few short months ago could make me so happy today. Perspective changes, I guess. Only 10 more weeks of school (but who's counting?!?!)

We have our first baseball tournament this weekend, so I'm excited for that. I think the weather is supposed to be great. I can't wait to get a little sun on my pasty white winter skin.

Yesterday, I was bringing Braden and Cade to baseball practice. The conversation turned to "cups". Those of you with only girls won't relate to this, but I can tell you "cups" are a huge part of life here at our house. Richard was evidently trying to make the point to Cade's team that they have to wear a cup to every practice so he started telling them all the things that would happen if they didn't. Cade is relaying the conversation like this:
Cade: Dad said if you don't wear a cup and you get hit, you'll turn into Oprah.
me: thinking "Why in the world would Richard have said that"
Cade: and you'll go "Ahhhhhhhhh" (singing)
me: do you mean an opera singer
Cade: oh, yeah, an opera singer, that's it.

Glad to know he won't be turning into Oprah anytime soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Auden Gray

I have so much I have still wanted to post about our Mexico trip, but we have been running non-stop. Seriously, I have been falling into bed late, and getting up early just to try to keep up. Baseball is in full swing, and it's kicking my butt at the moment! Someone has practice every single day (and Richard's the coach!). I have missed checking everyone's blog, and hope to catch up soon.

I just had to post a picture of my new niece. The papers are signed and she is officially ours. They are still in her birth state, so I haven't gotten my hands on her yet, but I can't wait!! Here she is: Miss Auden Gray

It's small because it was taken on their phone and sent to mine. I'll have better pictures soon, but for now, it will do. Don't you just love the big flower!?

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