Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Adele tagged me for this. It is long, but I really enjoyed reading her answers. Hopefully, I won't put you to sleep. I haven't been tagged for anything lately, so it was fun. Also, Bryce was home from school with strep throat, so I had a little extra time.

How many times a week do you cook and eat out?
Well, it's baseball season at our house, so that means we aren't home during dinner time these days. I really like for us to eat together as a family, but it hasn't been working out that way lately. We probably eat out 4 nights and I'll cook (I use that term loosely) the other 3. By "cook" I could mean a frozen pizza too.

What is your family's favorite dinner?
We LOVE Mexican food. I have groomed the boys that way. Richard has a hard time eating at Mexican restaurants because he is allergic to chicken. I know, very weird. He is also allergic to anything that has touched chicken, or has been fried in the same grease. It stinks. The boys' (all four) love steak. They are meat eaters.

Do you have a fast and easy recipe that you use frequently?
I cook Honey Baked Chicken when Richard is out of town. The kids love that. I also have a really easy recipe for crawfish and corn soup. Very yummy. I don't cook that as much because it is pretty high fat. I cook red beans and rice alot. Frozen pizzas are very easy!

What kind of snack and drinks do you keep on hand for Mallory?
I am the pantry queen. I have every kind of snack you can imagine. I buy peanut butter crackers, baked chips, pretzels, cookies. They also eat cheese, grapes, apples. Two of mine are apple crazy. They eat at least one a day. I always have Gatorade's and waters for baseball games and practices. I also have boxes of Capri Suns everywhere, even the car. You never know.

How do you break up the house work? When do you get it done?
I just do what I can. I like for the kitchen to be clean every day. I also like all the "junk" to be picked up. I am blessed to have a housekeeper come in and do all the heavy cleaning. The boys are also responsible for the upstairs. Every weekend they have to clean their bathrooms, pick up their rooms, and vacuum the floors.

Do you have any tips for getting it done faster/easier?
No, only that it's not the most important thing I do. The world is not going to tilt off its axis if my bathroom isn't spotless. I would rather be outside throwing the baseball with the boys.

Do you guys have a bedtime routine?
Not as much anymore. They all take showers during the evening. At 8:00, it's bedtime. We pray with them and the older two read for 30 minutes. Cade goes right to sleep. Sometimes we read, but we haven't been very good at that lately.

What is a typical day like for you all? I mean a break down time wise. When to rise, when to bed, and other typical daily functions.
I get up at 6:45. Bryce wakes up to his alarm at the same time. I get him breakfast and have to leave to bring him to school at 7:15. I come back home and start to get the other two ready for school. We leave home for their school at 8:10. Most of the time I have gotten dressed while they were, so I am off to run errands: Walmart, house stuff, working at the school. I also might be going to play tennis or get a pedicure. Sometimes I meet Richard for lunch, or go with a friend. Every day is completely different. To be honest, most of the time, I don't really know what I'm going to do that day until it gets there.
I get in carline for Bryce at 2:40 and we come home to wait for the other two to get off the bus at 3:15. We then get snacks, do homework and change in to baseball clothes. Everyday at least one of them has a practice or a game. If it's only one, then Richard takes them and I get to stay home, but if there's more than one, I've got the other one.

What kind of staples do you keep stocked in your kitchen?
I try to always have anything I could possibly need. Since I don't cook much, it's alot of frozen food that I can take out at any time. I always make sure I have brownie mix on hand, you just never know!

How often do you go to the grocery store?
I usually go to Walmart about every other week. I make little trips to the neighborhood store in between for little things I need. (milk, meat, etc.) I also buy from Schwans. They have some great foods that we all love. We especially love their Salmon! They deliver to my door, so you can't beat that.

Do you have a special day for running errands or is it just when you need to?
No, I have a calendar I work off of, but if it's not an appointment, I'm a fly by the seat of my pants girl.

Do you and Richard share any of the household responsibilities?
Absolutely, the only thing he doesn't help with is the laundry. He is banned from the washer. When I met him, every sock and pair of underware he owned was pink. He also doesn't know whos clothes is who's. The boys are so close in size that you just have to know who wears what. Anything else is fair game.

What's your best organization tip?
I found a new planner this year called Mom Agenda. It is wonderful. It has a place for each kid so I can keep all their activities straight. I also keep all the baseball clothes (pants, uniforms, underarmour, cups, hats, socks, belts, etc, etc.....) in a laundry basket in the laundry room. Since we moved, I have a great big laundry room. This helps when they are all trying to get dressed and out the door, I can just divvy them out.

What is your favorite cleaner(s)?
I love the way Mop and Glo makes my whole house smell. I love the bathroom wipes ( I don't know the brand.) They are quick and easy, and good for the kids to use.

I'm skipping the birthday party questions, because I don't do big parties anymore. I used to, and have done some great ones. The best was Braden's 5th. He wanted a fireworks party. It was great. We bought fireworks after the 4th of July and saved them. It was a big hit. I'm just tired. Bryce will be 12 this year. I think I've done my time with parties!!

How do you keep track of all of your events/to do? Big board list, fridge list, family calender? Etc?
I love my Mom Agenda calendar. If I ever lost it, I would be in big trouble.

OK, that was a long one. If you feel up to it, I tag YOU! Especially, Kim, Jill, and everybody! I don't have it in me to link everyone.

I am going to do a recipe post soon because I need some help with some new dishes the kids will like that are quick and easy. Be thinking!


Somewhere In The Sun said...

I enjoyed reading about your daily life. It's alot like mine with 2 boys! Love the baseball idea. I got my Mom Agenda this year too and I LOVE it. It stays open on the coffee table all the time. It really is a great system.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

LOVE reading this post...
I will be working on mine and have it hopefully posted tomorrow..

ADELE said...

Thank you so much for participating. I LOVED reading your answers. Just wait 'til you get your daughter, you will be back to having those birthday parties. HEEHEE.
Thanks again for playing along.

OH MY #6 said...

I need one of those agendas.


Sherri said...

We would sooooooooo be friends if we lived closer together! I laughed at the comment about being too tired for birthday parties. I'm with you on that. My first kids had wonderful parties....then on down the line, it's the bowling alley, fast food, etc.

Erica and I got together yesterday, and we want to all get together when you come to Huntsville again!


Sherri said...

By the way, I can't imagine being allergic to chicken. I would die! My grandmother used to say I was going to turn into a chicken. That's my favorite food!


Anonymous said...

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